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I am a generally happy girl who loves running, going to the gym and eating food!! Though my life has been very different.
I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia & purging tendencies & over exercising. I was depressed and self harmed. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
After alot of struggles, lots of ups and downs, suicide attempts, tears, anxiety, panic and never thinking i would be healthy.
I am now declared healthy from anorexia nervosia.

I have been blogging for 4 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I am happy and healthy and living my life. Going to school, meeting friends and trying to find myself in this world.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Photo an hour

A post which i have wanted to do for a long time is this Photo an hour post. You've wanted more personal posts so here you see how a day (an average Sunday) looks for me :)

Woke up at 8.15am, drank water, hot lemon water, took my pills, washed my face etc
 Ate breakfast at 8.45 am

9am: Getting ready to go to the gym, preparing with some selfies ;);)

10am: Workout time or selie time? Who knows.. it was an empty gym anyway!!

11am: Still working out ;) Though now im filiming some body weight exercises you can do at home (do you want me to post the video or is it triggering?)

12pm: Just eaten lunch and now drinking coffee and water while the storm rolls by.

1pm: The storm has passed and its time for a walk with Daisy!

2pm: Blogging and emailing, though not getting alot done. This weather just exhausts me.

3pm (though actually it was 2.59pm ? I didnt know whether it counted as 2 or 3!!!?) eating popcorn!

4pm: Lying in bed and scrolling through Tumblr. I love it :) Though no one is active on Sunday, haah!

5pm: My cravings took control over me and i walked to the shop for Chocolate!!! (I almost came out of the shop with chocolate covered nuts, pick n mix, atkins bars, cookies and a Ben and Jerrys or two... Hahaha i thought it was a little extreme, but this is the reason why i SHOULDNT go to the shop hungry, and especially not when im craving chocolate because then i almost always leave the shop with a little more than what i had planned ;))

6pm: Finally eating my long craved chocolate covered nuts (need i say delicious?!) Ohhh, and i only paid half price for it - the cashier guy sort of held onto the bag while weighing it so it didnt weigh as much ;);) That made me very happy!

7pm - Needed a new series to begin watching so going to begin at season one, epsiode one of Desperate Housewives (ive pretty much seen them all but not in order!) & preparing and eating dinner!

8pm: Watching Desperate housewives and time for night snack :)

There you have my day in pictures :) (I decided to only do from 8am to 8pm) :)

Did you like this type of post? (alot of pictures! hahah)


  1. Loved this post!! I think it was great and should definitely be done every now and then :)

    1. Alot of photos, so not too often but i might start doing it every now and then!

  2. you should do these posts more often if you have time for it:)

  3. Yes definitely will enjoy more posts like this! And I'd like to see that video actually :) it could be a little triggering but it's good to face your fears. You can put a TW just in case :)

    1. Ill fix it first and then see what i do :) :)

  4. You should do more of these:) they r fun to read!

  5. Just finished watching all 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives over again on netflix! I had watched them every sunday with my family when I was a kid :) I was still shocked with every episode!

    1. I watched the first 2 episodes and i was like... 'oh mygosh, ive forgotten so much'. But i know so much of what happens in the later series so im like watching to see if it works and comes together or not :)

  6. Can you post the bodyweight exercise video please? Love your videos :-)
    And what time did you fall asleep?
    P.S. Sorry for not commenting in a while - too much has been going on in my life lately! xx

    1. Ill fix it first and see what i do :)
      At 11pm! Ohh dont worry about it, life happens!! haha :) Im just happy when you do leave a comment! Hope you are doing ok :)

  7. I`d love to see this video. How often do you repeat the single exercise like how many push ups do you do?

    1. It depends what my goal is... sometimes i do to failure each time. Sometimes i do like 8-12 x 4 or i begin with say 30, then i do 20, then 15, then 10, then 5 and work my way up again ;)

  8. Could you share an example for a whole exewrcise session? Like disclaiming for trigger warning, so who feels affected won`t read?

    1. Hmmm, im not sure.. i dont really think so. But maybe.

    2. can i found you on tumblr?

    3. No, sorry... i just reblog loads of pictures anyway, so its nothing personal there anyway :)

  9. gillade detta inlägg! gör flera såna :)