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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Movie time and snacks

If you know me well, then you know that i cant watch a movie without snacks!! Serisouly, it doesnt work. Ive tried!!! Its like drilled into my body and mind that when i watch a movie i want to chew (and swallow!) something. (chewing gum doesnt work!).

When i went to the shop for snacks i was hungry, so i went a little overboard!! haha

^^Serisouly, story of my life!!!

When in the shop, i wanted to buy everything..... i was going to buy 4 different types of chocolate  (XD) but limited myself to 2! I wanted to buy crisps & popcorn & ricecake snacks. Ice cream and soda... ohh, and to be healthy some vegetables of course ;) Got to have balance!!!

I came out of the shop with soda, 2 chocolates, popcorn & ricecake snacks & vegetables :)

I tried the new creamy biscuit chocolate and MY GOSH, super delicious. I managed to eat 75% of the package & 25% of the other chocolate. & ofcourse 80% of the rice cake crisps and half of the popcorn ;) ;) No stopping me!!!

Have you ever tried the combination chocolate and popcorn? It is sooo good. Try it. Its one of my favourite combinations :) :)

I watched the film The other woman with my sister... and all i can say is that Its a cheesey Rom Com. Laughed a few times, but i would give it a 4/10... maybe even just a 3/10. It was a good way to pass the time, but its not a film i would necessarily watch again ;);)

Iate so much that i now have a food coma (surprisingly, no food baby? O_O Where is it?!!) and just want to lie down, but at the same time i have so much energy that i want to run 10km!!! hahaah #problems
   Sugar kick ;);)


  1. i just had walnut bread with peanut butter and bananas.... thanks to your earlier entry haha... i tried this daim chocolate which you suggested the other day... it is so delicious! what are your favourite films if i may ask..? :-)

    1. oh and your snacks just look super yummy....!

    2. That sounds delicious :) I might have to bake some walnut bread!!! :)
      I am going to make a post of my favourite films :)

  2. Hey, Izzy!
    All day long I've been fighting with my feelings of guilt. Even though I have eaten only one piece of dark chocolate today...I mean, I have eaten proper food as well, of course:) Sometimes I just don't know what I 'should' eat. I'm trying to eat more, to incorporate some snacks into my daily food intake, but I don't I just became super anxious after eating. And I still cannot handle these situations. I know that it's not a tragedy to eat a bit of chocolate but still...I guess you know what I'm talking about. Does it ever happen (or did it happen) to you that there is something you usually like, but at a certain time it still does not feel good? By the way, do you prefer dark or milk chocolate? When was the time during your recovery that you "allowed yourself" to eat chocolate again? Could you write a few sentences about this?

    1. Its tough to try fear foods but you did a good thing by eating the squarre of dark chocolat,e even if its just 1 piece. You did something that scared you, and thats important!
      It might feel like you dont like it, but its most probably the voice in your head saying that you dont like it... You need to fight the voice in your head. Try eating the chcoolate again in a few days, there is nothing wrong or bad about it. Its food just like carrots or salad.
      Take some deep breaths and think rationally, you will be ok!!! Eating snacks is important, try to eat 2-3 snacks per day!!!

      I like both, it depends how im feeling :) Hmm... it took a while, at first i would only eat if i was offereed, i would never buy it for myself. But then when i began spending time with my best friend D, we both felt we wanted chocolate with our coffee so it just became a natural thing to buy some chocolate a few days a week :) And it became easier to eat it then because i was eating it with someone else. And then i learent to be ok to buy it for myself as well :)

      Its all about practise and facing the fear!

  3. Thanks Izzy, that really helps. Actually it's kind of different with me, I cannot accept it if I'm offered, but at the same time I'm craving it and I'm planning to buy chocolate. I think I must have been planning for weeks to buy this 70% Lindt chocolate, I told myself that if I don't buy it I won't eat it... And then I made up my mind but to tell you the truth I have only eaten small portions so a whole bar of chocolate lasts for a relatively long while. Okay, I know I don't have to eat it at one sitting and I'm trying to be moderate. But I really appreciate that you answered me, because you are probably right: it's just the voice in my head. And who cares if others don't like this type? After all, I think it's a quality chocolate:) And tastes differ. (For me it's hard to accept this fact). Btw...just a topic suggestion: did it affect you during your ED or during reovery if others (anyone) told you that s/he hated the food you liked? Sometimes I eat something and eg my sister doesn't like it, and tells me that she wouldn't eat it. And it evokes very bad feelings in me. Do you have any advice on how to cope with it?