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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Long day, but im still happy...

Let me see.... where do i even begin? How do i begin descriving this long day.... in short phrases, a long post? My brain feels like mush at the moment, trying to think of the right phrase and sentence....

Ill begin with, after being away from home for 13 and a half hours i am now lying in bed with a huge smile on my face just after eating a store bought salad and also some chocolate covered nuts & trail mix for dessert (as i felt i needed it and well why not?!). And i dont think lying in bed has ever felt so good :)

Ill begin with the start of my day.... in the morning just as i was about leaving for the festival my friend messaged and told me she couldnt come... You couldnt cancel on work unless you were sick and had a doctors verification that you were sick. Which in this case my friend did... at first i felt a little betrayed but i knew there was a 50% chance this might happen and unless i wanted to pay c.a 250 euro (2500kr) for missed work it was just to take myself to the festival anyway. Which im glad i did, i had no thought of skipping it anyway because believe it or not, i had been looking forward to today and Monday for quite a while :) Yes its alot of physical work, but i like that.
My work was organizing and fixing all the guests rooms (11 in total on 3 different floors!) there were supposed to be 4 of us working on this section but as my friend didnt come there was just the 3 of us. 1 girl and 1 guy. Both were super friendly and i made great contact and the guy was flirting with me all day, But i didnt have a problem with that :) I looked awful, smelled of sweat but he didnt mind...  i guess we all looked/smelled like that anyway :)
   As we are working the day before and the day after the festival there werent loads of people working (though still a few hundred) however out of all the people us 3 worked the hardest it seemed like. Loads of people just sat outside watching as we ran back and forward carrying heavy objects, fixing things, pushin large trolleys filled with liters of water. Carrying sofas ^_^ Also having to carry several liters of water up and down 3 flights of stairs.  Finding things,  fixing, makings lists etc
  When i was put on duty of making fruit bowls it was a relief, i also got to eat some of the fruit ;:)  Which was a good energy refill!

 The first few hours just flew by. However when it was like 5pm thats when 2 minutes felt like 10 minutes and the pace started slowing down,. I felt mentally and physically tired the words of what people around me said went in one ear and out the other. I had to double check lists of things 4 times before i remembered what it was i was doing. My feet and legs began hurting.
   Duing my 10 hour work we only got one meal - lunch which was sausage and vegetarian sausage - 2 things which i dont like to eat. However, i knew i needed energy and when it comes to these situations its just to eat what you are served even if you dont like it !! So i ate the vegetarian sausage anyway & lots of crisp bread with butter :)
   I also drank i think 4 cups of coffee & 2 energy drinks throughout the day & fruit and atkins bars & chocolate bar!

Even though today was quite tough i mean im strong and can lift heavy weights but it was physically challengfing - i felt sorry for the other girl who wasnt so physically trained but she did well anyway :)
 But i found it super fun, being active like this, doing things is super fun!! Not once did i find it boring, too tiring or wanted to go home. I enjoyed it all, even carrying the 10kg or more heavy items up for 3 flights of stairs.
   And it feels good coming home now, knowing ive done something all day... not just lain in bed all day!!! :)

Now im going to continue eating my dessert and then jump into the showwer before i put my feet up for the day :)


  1. But if its voluntary why do you have to pay so much if you miss it?

    1. Because you're allowed to go to the festival if you are a volunteer and the festival costs like 2000kr but also that they arrange everything precisely i mean if there was 4of us working with the lounges like there should have been it wouldnt have been as much work per person but there was only 3 of us as my friend couldnt come... but it also makes sure that you dont just sign up and then dont come and suddenly they have no volunteers.

  2. I'm glad you had a good day!:) I went on a long hike today. I was tired afterwards, but it was fun. I love hiking and it felt great. Now I'm relaxing, just like you are;)
    That trail mix looks yummy!

    1. Hiking is so much fun, tiring but i love the adventure of it :) Were you on your own or with family? :)

    2. I went with my uncle and little sister. Most if the time I didn't mind their company, I enjoyed it actually. But spending so much time with my family and people in general plus being an introvert I kinda wanted to go on a hike by myself. Just think and go wherever I want. Maybe next time. ;)

  3. Wow! Such a long day! You need some rest, now. Anyway, I love your blog, and if you ever are sharing other people's stories again, I would love to share with your readers! I have my own blog ( and an instagram (@lordstilllovesme) where I document my life and talk about recovery just like you. You were actually my initial inspiration. Thanks for all you do. :)

    1. If you want me to share your story (as long as its not triggering) email me the story and i can post it :)