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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Learning to love yourself

In recovery learning to love yourself and accept your body is just as important as physical weight gain & the mental part, fighting all the thoughts.

I believe that you should try to love your body at all sizes, of course it is very hard to do when you feel that you are changing alot. Not sure what size you are, what size you will be when you are a healthy weight etc But learning to love your heatlhy body is very important. Otherwise you wont feel happy... you might feel self conscious, hide away in your room or cover up completely in big clothes. Not want to show yourself.
Learnign to love yourself is a progress, a slow one. For some it might happen over night... for some they just get so tired of hating themselves that they just decide to love themselves, and then they do love themselves. For others, its a long, slow progress where instead of thinking negative thoughts about yourself you think good things about yourself. Now this might sound ego-istic, self centered etc... but its NOT. Because loving yourself is NOT a privalage, its a necessity and should be a priority, though for many it isnt.
  For many, they hate themselves and their body so much that they overeat because they just dont care about their body anymore. They drink too much alcohol, do stupid things with or to their body.  They lose respect for their body... but then there is also the other side of the circle, where people go to great lengths to try to make themselves feel happy with thier body... they get plastic surgery, botox, hair extensions, fake nails and hair... go on weightloss programs but they never really feel happy. Because happiness and self love comes from INSIDE. Sure changing something about your appearance can make you feel happier or more confident.. i mean ive been brown hair but i prefer blonde. I am more confident and think i look better then... and thats part of my self love and love for my body and myself. But when you get obsessed with trying to change yoruself, just to make yourself happier or try to love yourself... it doesnt work that way.

 Soo... here are some tips on how to love yourself.

Fake it till you make it. This can actually work... for me when i was brown haired i liked it for a while but tired of it pretty soon and missed having my blonde hair but i couldmt just go back to it.... so i had to fake my confidence and fake that i liked my brown hair until i did actually begin liking it alot more!!!

Reminders and notes. I have told many this throuh email, but putting up notes and reminders around the house, on your phone, on your screensaver such as I am beautiful. I dont need to change. Or writing down all your good things and placing it somewhere where you will see several times a day... even on the mirror is a good  thing. This might feel or sound stupid, but it can help... instead of thinking negative. You think good things about yourself!!!
Say 3 good things about yourself. Every morning and evening try to say 3 goood things about yourself. Feels stupid at first, you stand there trying to think of good things.. but soon you will feel that you are naming 10 good things about yourself both morning and evening :) :)

Not focusing on your problem areas. If you focus all your attention of the areas you dont like you will spend so much energy hating yourself.. instead, why not focus on your good aspects? Focusing on the negative will just make you feel negative.

Selfies. I dont understand people who dont like selfies... granted, you dont have to upload 10 selfies of yourself everyday.... but i mean taking selfies of yourself when you look good. Hell yeah, do that!!! Selfies can make  you feel good about yourself. Of course, sometimes its hard to capture how fgood you look on camera ;) hahah... sometimes you look better in the mirror than on camera ;)

Change: Now ok, this might sound hypocritcal... i dont mean you need to change everything about yourself. But for exmaple... i have always hated my skinny arms.For me, my legs have always been too big and my arms too skinny. I felt disproportionate, but since ive been strength training i feel more confident in my body as my arms are now bigger and i like that ;) ;) Things such as hair colour you can cahnge to make yourself feel better.
  And i mean if you are over weight then losing weight can make you love yourself more... of course, i PROMOTE Loving yourself at all size.What i dont think is good if you focus all your energy on saying that i will be happier and feel better when i lose weight, because it doesnt always work that way. And if your happiness only comes from seeing a certain weight on the scale or being a certain size, then that happiness wont last. Because you cant control everything and especially not your body... your body has a life of its own almost ;) haha

Learnt o love yourself, it is an investment in your future!!!


  1. Thank you! It feels like i can define the core reason to my e.d. now.
    Thanks again! This blog rocks!
    / The gibberish english speaker

    1. Ohh thank you :) haha Im glad you like my blog!