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I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia & purging tendencies & over exercising. I was depressed and self harmed. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
After alot of struggles, lots of ups and downs, suicide attempts, tears, anxiety, panic and never thinking i would be healthy.
I am now declared healthy from anorexia nervosia.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I am proud of my body

I know i post alot of photos of myself where i am in a sportsbra and shorts, or in a bikini or crop tops etc And that might be seen as attentionseeking or even seen as 'wrong'. I know that i should be careful with the type of photos i post online... but the fact is i DO wear crop tops outside, i am comfortable walking in a bikini top and shorts, or wearing a bikini on the beach. I am comfortable in walking outside or training at the gym in sports bra and shorts. Not because i want attention but because i am comfortable in my body. I have people tell me i have a perfect body. But what exactly is a perfect body, because i can tell you mine isnt!!
   I have stretchmarks and cellulite on the back of my legs. My stomach sticks out at times. My hands, arms, stomach and lgs have scars. But this is what makes ME. I have MANY spots and i have freckles. But thats just part of me... thats how my body is.

Back to the topic... i know some people think its weird that i post these types of pictures but the fact is, i dont care what people think... If people think im too skinny, too big, too muscular or anything. I am comfortable in my body, i am happy with the way i look. So i dont need anybody elses approval.
  Now i dont post pictures for comments, appraisal or approval, thats not why i do it. I do it to show that you can also be comfortable to be in a bikini on the beach. You DONT have to cover up...

The reason i post pictures is also because i spent so many years never daring to wear a bikini on the beach or feeling extremely self conscious. No photos of me were allowed to be taken. But now thats different... The more photos the better ;) hahaha Need to document this confidence ;) When im 50 and looking different i want to look back on these years and smile at all the photos i took of myself ;)

Now of course i could get into lots of things such as feminism and sexism with this post, how really i KNOW i should cover up as girls are often so sexulised, and i often do get weird remarks or weird guys thinking its ok to wolf whistle at me... but im going to skip writing about all of that - though i could. Hahha.

But this post is just about being comfortable in your own skin and being OK wearing whatever, that you DONT have to wear jumpers and sweat pants because you dont feel comfortable.
I know there are many things like you have to be a certain size to wear crop tops or bikinis but i think that as long as you are confident and happy you can wear whatever you want!!
   Who cares what shape you are or what your weight is!!! Just be happy and confident in your own body ;)


  1. If you dont mind answering, what are your PR's for lifting and your legs? No comparison, im just very curious :)

    1. Im not the strongest and i dontn really focus so much on weight. More on technique and contact... i also like doing supersets, so not so much focus on taking heavy and all that.... and things like bench press and squats i cant take much weight.. in squats ive done 2 with 60kg before, but i feel that that doesnt work with my back (as i have lower back and hip pain/problems) so instead i stick to doing squats with the kettle bell as i feel that works great for me!
      With leg press i think my PR is 120kg.... but i havent been able to do leg press in several weeks now so no idea where i am at now ;)
      And with bicep curl myPR is 12kg, but i vary between 10kg and 12kg dumbbells ;)

      But there are so many different exercises, so i cant erally naem them all... and like i said, i dont focus so much on what weight i use :)

  2. a few questions... do you have sweden citizenship?? because i thought you needed to be a citizen to get some perks like free university/college... etc... and also are you in high school still?

    1. Yeah i do... i am half swedish and lived in Sweden for 4 years when i was younger.

  3. Good for you, Izzy!! i am the same way... i walk around my neighborhood in a spots bra and shorts all the time and i just love it. I love feeling comfortable. I love being me. :) <3 Have an awesome night!!

  4. Good for you! It's great that you're comfortable in your body. And even if you were looking for attention that would be fine, I personally hate attention, but there is nothing wrong with loving it! I know that's not your motive but I feel like people judge to harshly, there's nothing wrong with wanting a compliment!

    1. I completely agree, there is nothing wrong with wanting attention :) Im personally nto one of those, though it may seem like it. haha. But actaully i prefer to avoid attention on myself..But im so good at tuning out everything so i guess i dont see if i do get attention anyway!

  5. Could you post some pictures of exercises without weight you do? like crunches....push ups etc?

    1. Ill try get around to doing that ;)

  6. YES! It is so refreshing to here somebody say they like themselves and their body! We live in such a negative world where we are taught from a young age to dislike our bodies and that is SO wrong. You look incredible, and it has honestly give me so much motivation to gain this last bit of weight so I can go back to the gym and start living my life again! I even just had an extra big snack and some Kinder chocolate (haven't had it in years). :D xx

    1. Thank you, and thats awesome!!! Kinder chocolate is delicious, it reminds me of my childhood!
      And i think its good to spread body positivity. That you dont have to look like a photoshopped barbie doll to be happy with your body, though of course you can look that way as well.. theres no problem with that either!

  7. Oh, i'd love to hear what you think about wanting and not wanting attention!

    When i was at my lowest point i had both anorexia, social fobia and depression. I never focused on the social part though.

    It might be helpful to hear your story and thoughts about that.


    1. Not really sure what you mean with this post... could you just clarify a little bit more? :)