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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Change is part of life

Today we got to know that we got offered the apartment we looked at last week. Before i was going to go out wtih Daisy my mum came and talked to me and was like Izzy, i need to talk to you. That feeling when your heart stops for a second and you think of all the bad things/things you shouldnt or should have done race through your mind in a split second ;) hahah. And then she told me that we got offered the house and we have to answer yes or no this morning.....
  I dont even know what ot think. I feel i cant think... i cant process it. I am pretty much 80% sure i dont want to move there, but i dont want to be the reason why we dont move if the rest of my family like it... i dont want that pressure on me. Its not my choice... i mean if we do move, well... then ill find a way to like it. Or maybe ill have found my own apartment by then? If we dont move... well i dont want to feel guilty, like im the one who made us not move?
    I felt i had to get out of the house so i was glad that i already had my shoes and walking stuff on, so it was just to put on my new cap, plug in some music and walk...... i just wanted to walk and walk and walk. Sounds like im running away from my problems, but actually not. Thats how i process things. Daisy however didnt want to walk as long as me so after about 20% of what i wanted to walk i had to turn and walk back home again as Daisy wasnt co operating!! XD

For me walking, running and lifting helps me to process things.... whether its that i got an A in my test and am super happy and excited, then its just to stand on the treadmill and run at 18km/hr to get all my excitment out! Or if i did bad on a test then its just to lift some heavy ass weights and take my frustrations out.... Or in this case, trying to process a change where i feel i just want to walk and let my thoughts process and work through my feelings.

At the moment i dont know how im feeling... change can be both positive and negative and as there is a 90% chance we will move within the next 3 months i need to start seeing the positive things about this change.

For now.... i need to work through everything in my head whether that takes an hour, a day or 2 weeks... i dont know. But im working on seeing the positive about this change, and just writing this post is helping me....

Im sorry if there will be a lack of posts today... i just feel i need some space to breathe and think today.


  1. It'll be ok!! :) i am in the process of moving, too, and i look at it as a fresh start!! :)

    1. :) Yeah moving can be a fresh start. It was a fresh start for me when i moved back in 2012 to this apartment and i was lookingforward to it, but i dont realyl feel i need a fresh start or a changve... but it might be good anyway.

  2. At least you looked super hot in your new cap and outfit! xx
    Cheer Up, J

    1. Hhaha, this comment put a huge smile on my face, so thank you!! :)

  3. Awww... *hugs* I hope you feel better and cheer up. You are so pretty when you're happy. :]

    And I LOVE your New York Yankees ball cap. They're my favorite American Baseball team!!!