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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Body weight exercises to do at home - video

Here is the video i made with body weight exercises If you find exercise/exercise videos triggering, SKIP THIS POST/VIDEO. For your own sake. I had quite a few requests to see it so i decided to post it!!

The video is not that great (hahaha, bad video skills and bad video making skills ;))
I was first going to film then take screen shots and just post pictures... thats why the push ups i do are really slow (i couldnt be bothered to refilm them!).
With lunges... do both legs (i can only do one due to my foot!)
The last few exercises with weights you can fill water bottles (&& the angle of that filming = awful!!! hahah. Hard to be the person infront and behind the camera ;))
And the tricep kick back exercise i know im doing it a little wrong ;) heh heh
I also realise that i missed quite alot of body weight exercises, haha... might have to make a new video!!

There you go... now you can watch ;);)


  1. Izzy is your address still the same as the one you told me on email?
    Tomorrow I will send you a gift so I just wanna make sure that the address I have is up to date

  2. Yeah it is, won't be moving until a month or two. ;(

    1. ok i will go to the post office tomorrow ^^

  3. haha that's awesome!! nice vid'!!

  4. Izzy, sorry but I love this video and had to laugh a little! That was probable a 10-15min workout done in just under 3 minutes. Some of the exercises looked strangely hilarious at that speed :) Awesome tips! Thanks!!

    1. Hahahah XD I know, i had to speed it up :) At first i wasnt sure if i should do like 12 reps of each exercise but decided that just a few would work better ;) You get the exercise!!! It was too long and boring ifi didnt speed it up :)

  5. superbra video! inspiration, hade vilodag idag men längtar sååå till gymmet efter att jag såg denna video ;)

  6. I love this video (please make more!!). How heavy are the weights, 1,5kg each?

    I have some further fit-questions (hope not triggering...!!):
    I read by Mark Lauren ( that it is very important to give the muscles rest time for growing. He says that muscles won`t grow if you do every day exersices. So how do you cope with this fact? Do you train for example legs one day and the other day shoulders and the next day you just go for a walk?
    How often do you exercise in the gym, doing muscles strength, lifting weights, doing HIIT?
    When you go for a walk with daisy in the morning - you mentioned 5 km? - are you like done with training for the day or will you go to the gym nevertheless? Do you go swimming?
    What do you think is better for building muscles: to repeat a lot (10 times to 20 times one single exercise) or to strength the muscle and hold the exercise for like 30 seconds until tthe muscle trembles?


  7. Ahhh this is perfect! Just what I needed! I've been repeating the same exercises at the gym and I desperately needed some new ones. Just wondering when you do really heavy (I'm talking 15kg) how on earth do you workout with them? What types of exercises can you do? Oh and I really liked the soundtrack ;)