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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Banana recipes

I feel like i miss out on alot not being able to eat banana :( Below are some simple recipes which include banana :) So go ahead and try some!

Egg & banana pancake (can add in cottage cheese&berries/cinnamon/stevia etc to the mixture!)

Banana ice cream:

Banana and peanut butter/dipped in chocolate

Banana chocolate popsicle!

Bananan split

Grilled banana boats

Banana bread/muffins/cakes

Bananan smoothie or milkshake

Banana chips

Now ive just made myself feel sad... hahah!!!  I can eat a little banana, its just then that i need to take the consequences... but maybe its worth it? A grilled banana with chocolate sounds yummy right now!!! :)


  1. i'm craving peanut butter and bananas now....damn you :D ;)

    joking of course.. lots of love!

    1. Hahah, i know.. i got cravings while llooking at the pictures as well :)

  2. Hey did you know that usually people who are allergic to bananas can handle cooked bananas because it destroys the allergic properties. So... You could actually eat banana loaf and such :)

    1. Ohhh my gosh!! I think you made my day, i need to try this :) :) Maybe a grilled banana will actually work XD

  3. I make banana ice cream all the time in the summer, I've perfected the recipe to make it really airy like whipped cream. I always make it for the girls and work and it's so good. I also used to make the banana pancakes all the time! I had completely forgotten about them! Time to make them again I think!

    1. That sounds amazing!! I usually make banana and PB dipped in chocolate for my sister :) And shes also asked me to start making her banana ice cream ;) Any tips on how to make it so creamy? :)