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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why do we want to be skinny?

At the moment I am going through a 'i dont like my body phase' which is normal for most people. But still it sucks.
   However this morning I found myself thinking, I wish I could be skinny.
   But then suddenly I thought? Wait what? Why? Is that going to make me feel happier? Am I going to suddenly love my body (again!) because I lose weight?  What's so good with being skinny? having a thigh gap,  hip bones that show.... hair that falls out. constantly cold. not spending time with friends or family.....i know from experience that being skinny doesn't magically make your problems go away or that you feel happy. And if you happiness comes from looking a certain way or weighing a certain number You have got to get your priorities straight.

I dont want to be skinny.... Society tells me I need to be skinny. But that's NOT the truth.

In the past year however the trend of size 0 had instead turned into muscles and 6 packs. So now we need to be lean, toned and have muscles. Society puts up these standards, these beauty standards and if you don't look like them yiu feel bad. But why? You are unique. You dont need to look like everyone else. You dont need to be super skinny  or be toned or have muscles. You can just be you!!!

Too much focus is put on the way we look. But really our body is just our way of moving... It gets us from one place to another. Our brain steers us, tells us what we need and when. But people are ignoring their brain, instead listening to other people.... ignoring hunger signals and starving them selves. Not resting when they need it. Instead try to listen to your body.

This post has sort of steered off into 10 different directions :) haha. This is just one of my though posts. Trying to put words to my thoughts!!

Let's stop focusing on skinny. .. on our bodies. And just try being happy!!! Because you know what, I am happiest when i dont think about my body. When u just
Now I'm in a phase where I've thought more about my body, and that has lead to me getting all these negative thoughts. But instead I'm turning them off. Focusing on living and being happy. Not the way i look!!!


  1. YES - Welcome back our Izzy! Positive Mental Attitude!! ;-)

  2. :) I cannot describe how awesome you are. All i can say is: