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Sunday, June 15, 2014

What is powerwalking?

I got asked a little while ago, what is powerwalking? I know i often write that i go out for powerwalks, and it might be a little unclear what that actually is.
  In simple terms its Walking fast. Its not running or jogging, or just out walking. But you get your heart going and you end up breathing heavy.... you dont reach MAX pulse, or a super high pulse like you do while running but you still get a high pulse, unlike when you are just walking. Taking a strole with the family, and you neither break a sweat nor get your heart beat racing.
   Now dont get me wrong, just slow walking is sometimes exactly what you need. To stop and just look at everything around you, take photos, walk with a friend and talk. You dont need to always powerwalk.
   But if you are going to walk as your cardio... then i guess you should powerwalking.

Powerwalking has many benefits and its easier than running, as many dont like running or cant run due to pain in their knees, hips etc
  I love both powerwalking and running, so i basically just do what i feel like. Sometimes i mix the two and do intverals of powerwalking and running when im out. :)

**I was going to post a picture of the benefits of walking, but ofcourse all of them state calories burned, good for weightloss etc etc -_-'
Powerwalking can be a good thing to do to ease you into running again,

^^Picture from 2012!


  1. I LOVE power walking! A the moment I'm not allowed to run as I'm trying to heal my body and gain a bit if weight, but I am allowed to power walk, and it just makes me feel great. I'm a naturally fast walker anyway, so I pretty much always power walk (; people are amazed at how quickly I can get places! How did you know when you were weight restored? Since I've had my ED since I was 8, I have no weight to compare too. I have a very small build, so I think a bmi of 18-19?

    1. Im actually a really fast walker as well! Its like, i know where i want to go and i just want to get there, not walk at 2km/hr!! haha.
      Both me and D walk really fast, so whenever we go somewhere its like we just fly by others :)
      Well my goal weight was the lowest healthy BMI for me, i.e around 18,5. And thats where my body was healthy, it kept me at that weight (up & down 2kg) until i began strength trainng.
      So aim for a healthy BMI, and then your body might make you gain a little more wieght, or it might be happy there. :)