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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vegetarianism / veganism

I've been asked about my opinion on veganism and vegetarianism (?) and whether I would be a vegetarian or a vegan.

My family - mum, step dad and sister are all pescetarians, i. e they eat fish. But no animal meat.
  I dont label myself because I just eat the food i like. What i think is yummy. And i have thought about turning vegetarian,  but my mum and dad both said they didint think that was a good idea. And the fact is, I love chicken and egg and salmon too much to give it up.  But i am well aware of all the animal cruelty,  so we always buy organic and animals that have been treated well. But of course i can get times where I feel so guilty for eating chicken or fish. And just eat quorn products.
 Also, if i see like salmon in the skin or a grilled chicken i refuse to eat it. I just feel sick seeing it.... so turning a vegetarian isn't completely out of sight.
 Vegan however is not something I would do. Maybe have a vegan day or two every week. But i really don't eat so much meat, but it's the dairy products i eat alot of.
  But also with my high energy need, I don't think I would manage it eating vegan. I mean I could eat avocados,  nuts, oils etc but really.... i am not such a lover of those types of food (ok, i love nuts) but with oils and avocado i only eat those in periods.

My opinion on being vegetarian or vegan. I think it's up to the individual. I dont judge anyone at all. And i think it can be good to cut down on dairy food and meats. So if you are eating enough energy and getting enough micronutrients and not  cutting down or lacking anything. It's perfectly healthy.
  However if you turn vegan just to not eat certain foods, then it's not healthy.
  I dont think it's a good idea to be vegan in recovery.  Vegetarian is ok, but not vegan. You restrict too much. And in recovery you need to face all fear foods,  because you might find that you actually like yoghurt or chocolate or eggs etc. ..
   So don't just put these walls up around you.
When you are healthy and making choices YOU want to make. These type of lifestyle changes is up to you :)

Would i reccommend vegan or vegetarian? Well i think vegetarian is a good idea, and that many people should be vegetarian (i know im being contradictory, as i amnt vegetarian.) and vegan.... i dont have so much to say about it. If you feel that that is best for you, then why not. ::)


  1. I have never been vegetarian before, then last year I went through a phase of watching horrible documentaries and went vegan, which led to my latest ED relapse ): I was eating barely any protein as well and it made me feel so sick. I am still a bit afraid of dairy and eggs, but i love fish and I also like chicken.

  2. I was vegetarian for many years. When I got sick with my eating disorder and got into treatment i was forced to eat meat again. It gives me more options for now, but I hope In the future I can go back to being vegetarian. It just feels right.