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Friday, June 27, 2014

Vegetarian lunch buffet

Talking with my mum this morning and she said we should do something together.  She promised me the last day that we would go get frozen yoghurt but that never happened. She suggested we go out to lunch today. And who can say no to the that? I love food. And also we have barely no food at home today.

I suggested we go to this vegetarian buffet we went to last year. It's my rest day today so I want to spend my day eating :) And i love this buffet sooo much!

Their hummus is to die for!! I just want go eat a kilo of it! And the fresh baked bread ♥_♥
  5 slices of bread, c.a 1 kg (joke! ) hummus, & lots of other spicy vegetarian food which burnt my taste buds! ! I had planned on eating dessert,  but there just wasn't room for that...-_-' I thought i had a dessert stomach? ^-^

This really made my day and it was nice to spend some time with my mum :) And get some talking time and mother - daughter time!! ^-^


  1. What does your shirt say?

    1. I'm just a ray of f**kin sunshine aren't I? :) hahha. I thought it suited me today :)

  2. That bread looks delicious!!!!!!

    1. It was really good :) that was why 2 slices just wasnt enough.. had to get more :)

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  4. I was in Stockholm two years ago and i went to this buffet!! :) it was delicious!! :) and the setting was beautiful as well :) it was just before my ED started and now I have a hard time in buffets because I never know how much to take and I am always worried that I will take too much and then feel like I was the one who made myself eat extra... And then my parents get upset because I end up taking less... Do you have any advice on how to deal with "all-you-can-eat"/buffets,etc...?? At least now I am really getting better!! Full of motivation to recover!! And be free and happy :) !! :)

    1. This is one of my favourite restaurant in Sweden!! :) Im glad you went here before your ED anyway, so you could enjoy it.
      Ill try write a post about that, give some tips on how to cope. I know buffets can be a struggle, i also struggled with it before.