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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Typical Swedish Brekfasts

The Nordic countries have a reputation, and are known as being very healthy countries. Sweden is known for how active and healthy people are... though that of course doesnt mean that the whole country is running a marathon everyday. But also, because of so much 'healthy and healthy living' culture there is here, it does go overboard and there are many who develop eating disorders and orthorexia is very common as really, they are just trying to be 'healthy'.
   ^¨ That wasnt the post topic however.... But you will find alot of Swedish people wearing their work clothes & also trainers as they do alot of walking. There are standing desks & you can find salad bars in most food shops. But just as you can find salad everywhere, you can find swedish candy /(i.e Pick N Mix) EVERYWHERE! haha... every food shop, little tobac shop etc you will find some candy ;)

So... onto swedish breakfasts ? :)

Ever since ive been little and visited Sweden on holiday ive found that breakfast has been a sort of family gathering time... this isnt the case for everyone, in Ireland we never ate breakfast together. But when we came to Sweden and were on holiday, it was always family time.
  The person/people who woke up earliest would put all the breakfast food on the table, put plates and bowls and then you'd wait for the others to wake up, or you would go wake them up!

Brekfast food was... and i guess still is:
Limpa (swedish bread that has syrup in it so its sweet) with butter and cheese or butter and caviar.
Or Polarbröd (another type of bread) with cheese and marmelade, or other toppings!
Yoghurt or sour milk with muslie (ive never found that cereal is so commonly eaten here)
Oatmeal with berries & milk
Hot chocolate - O'Boy (Mmmm.. childhood memories - I used to drink 3 of these in a row)
Hard boiled eggs with caviar
Black coffee is also a standard - i never liked black coffee but drank it that way when i wa sick, but now ive learnt to love it this way :)
Crisp bread is also typical :)

^^Not my photos

What country are YOU from, and what is the typical breakfasts there? :)


  1. I am from Germany and my family and me really like to eat bread or bread roll with different topics. Naturally we always eat eggs at the weekend :3 Or scrambled eggs with onion and bacon, but i don't like so many bacon in the morning :DD
    I really like egg white bread or brown bread with goat cheese!! We really often eat cheese in different ways :D

    Many german people eat muslie with milk or yoghurt and/or fruits either, but I prefer it to eat after school. So in the morning I ate bread and in the school and after school I ate fruits with low fat curd cheese and/or yoghurt and either bread or muslie ^^

    And I will say, that I really, really like you and your posts! I lost 25 kg 2 years ago, because I was so anorexic and then I recovered 1 year ago and gain 14/15 kg till this day and I really understand you! I eat a lot and really want to gain, but it is a little bit difficult anyway ^^
    I eat and do sport and I desire to get a healthy, muscular body and attitude adverse the eat like you!
    I find, that you are a big ideal!!

    I know, my english is not well ( :D ) but I really want to write this to you! <3 <3

    1. P.S I am Jacky, so I write a 'J' under my posts, that you know, who it wrote
      (I know i forgot it XD)

    2. Cheese is common here in Sweden aswell... but its not different types, more 1 type! haha
      That all sounds delicious ;)
      I am glad you like my blog :) You dont have to be scared to comment, your english is fine :) I can read it properly!!

    3. Wow thank you!! My english teacher said, I would do al lot of fault, so I'm afraid of writing english sometimes ;o

  2. What is this Brown bread on the right in the first picture?

    1. I dont actually know as its not my photo.. but some like brown bread i guess.

  3. I'm half American, half Russian (born in the States). Russian breakfasts tend to be simple. Porridge, I guess, is a typical Russian food (similar to oatmeal) made from semolina, millet, buckwheat etc. You can add milk or sugar afterwards. I, personally, don't like buckwheat with sugar but think it's really good with milk. Oatmeal is also pretty common. Other things Russians eat for breakfast are sausages, this sort of cottage cheese (tvorog) with jam, eggs, rye (black) bread with ham/cheese, mini pancakes (oladyi) and much thinner pancakes (blini) with jam, butter, caviar, sour cream. As for drinks it's usually black tea or coffee, but mostly tea. But this is typical Russian food. Now people eat pastries and cereal for breakfast, not like before.
    As for American breakfasts I feel like everyone knows what they're like. Pancakes, toast, waffles, eggs, muffins, bacon, hash browns, cereal and, of course, coffee.
    Izzy, I love you and your blog!!!)Really! Swedish breakfast sounds yummy! Limpa sounds interesting. You've made me want to visit Sweden (not just from this post, but previous ones too). You rock!)

    1. Its so interesting reading about typical breakfasts in different countries. Ive had blinis with jam and butter before and they were delicious :)
      Hahah yes, i guess most people know about the American breakfasts ;) The American waffles and pancakes and standard i guess!

      Thank you :) Sweden is a pretty cool place, and you should visit if you get the chance!

  4. I'm from Malasysia. We usually eat rice for breakfast. For example rice that cooked with coconut milk called 'nasi lemak'. Maybe it sounds a little bit strange but it's really yummy! However it has a lot of calories haha. But I like to eat dates for breakfast. Dates are really good for your health! Have a good day Izzy! Love your wisdom words :) -G.c

    1. Ive heard about that before and it actually sounds really yummy... you can make like a sort of sweet rice as well? I definitely need to try that someday ;)
      Yeah i love dates as well, i like eating them with walnuts or with PB!! Or making small raw food balls out of them, have you ever tried that? :)

    2. Wow I am quite surprised that you have heard about it before this. Can I know where did you found out this nasi lemak hehe? Yes we can make sweet rice too. ( but I don't know how to do it haha) Ohh by the way, what is PB ? I would like to try it someday :)

    3. I think i saw it on Tumblr :)
      PB is peanut butter :) Its delicious, but i prefer almond butter!

  5. I am from Romania!

    Breakfast is usually oatmeal with milk and honey or boiled eggs, bead, butter, cheese, jam and so on... And hot tea... usually something simple, almost no fruit at breakfast.

    How about lunch? maybe another post about it? :)

    1. Delicious!! :)
      I dont think there is much of a typical swedish lunch, but i might do some research and if i find something ill make a post about it!

  6. dette kjenner jeg igjen fra Norge ja! :-D Eneste som mangler er frokostomelett/eggerøre og melk:D (håper du forstår hva jeg skriver, haha:)

  7. I am from New Zealand and we love Marmite and Weet-bix, kiwifruit and tea. (But it's winter here now, so I am eating porridge). Our morning is you evening, Izzy! :)

    1. ^_^ I love weetabix... its most probably the same as weet-bix? haha

  8. Oooh this looks too good! :) I'm from NZ and if we were doing a 'formal' sit down breakfast with our family it would probably be something like eggs, toast, bacon, coffee, pancakes...or whatever. Normally I just have a smoothie or oatmeal or 'clean pancakes' with fruit. College student = I eat whatever I want, whenever I want haha no rules in my house ;)

    1. Yummm!! hahaah, thats like me on my suimmer holiday now. I eat what i want, when i want... I mean i ate apple pie for lunch yesterday ^_^

  9. Wow, this is super interesting!! Im always curious as to how other countries eat their meals - especially breakfast! I'm from America and while you can get pancakes or waffles and various things like this for breakfast, it is often too time consuming to make, so most people will eat cereal and milk or toast with butter or jam (not too many people eat them together!), or peanut butter! Oatmeal is very popular, especially in the winter time, and grits is popular breakfast food, especially in the south.

    1. Yeah i think its really interesting as well, learning about other cultures :)

  10. Hey I live in England and I think everybody thinks that a fry up is what British people eat for breakfSt everyday but it's rarely true! Lol we usually have cereals like bran flakes, muesli or porridge with milk or natural yoghurt always a bit of fruit and orange juice too! Toast with marmite is a favourite though. Definitely black coffee to get me going in the morning :) it was really interesting hearing other countries typical breakfasts!!