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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer list

Ive seen this list with questions going around on some swedish blogs and even though i havent officially been nominated to do it...(Aint nobody got time for that ;)) I decided to translate the questions and do it on my blog as well.

And i nominate ALL of my readers - Those of you who have blogs, i know there are many of you :) to also answer these questions :)
  Please comment and let me know if you also answer the questions, i would love to read your answers :)
  I can also put a post together with those of you who have decided to answer these summer questions as well... Some promotion for your blog is never wrong? ;)

  1. What are your plans for the summer?
Ive said it a few times in different posts, but i dont have many plans for the summer... im just taking it as it comes :) Doing whati feel like. Having time for myself, for resting, but also meeting friends and being with family. Going for walks, going to the gym, reading, baking, watching series etc :)
   In a few weeks however i am going with my family to a cottage - not sure how long ill stay whether 3 days, a week or 2 weeks. And we're also going to have a party to celebrate my step dads 50th birthday!! ^_^ And of course i am going to bake extravagant cakes for that ^_^ hahaha
  Otherwise i have seeked volunteer jobs at events adn concenrts, which will be at the end of the summer... but otherwise i guess im resting up for next year which will be a tough year, with lots of work!!

2) What did you do on Midsummer? (Those of you who dont celebrate midsummer dont necessarily have to answer this question, haha!!)
I was out on an island with my family, i baked 3 cakes, ate midsummer lunch, went to watch the celebrations, ate some more & then ate some more :) But you can read more about my day HERE

3) My favourite summer breakfast

I have 2 favourite breakfasts and they are 1) egg white oatmeal with quark/cottage cheese, frozen berries, salted nuts & coconut milk ^_^Mmmmm I could eat that 6 times a day :) I never get tired of it.

2) And my second favourite... or its a tie between these two is quark mixed with cottage cheese and funlight. Nuts (either salted or unsalted, i dont mind!), warm berries, egg & a questbar :) Mmmmm

4) Favourite summer song:

My favourites at the moment:
Wasted - Tiesto
Summer - Calvin Harris
Bad - David guetta
Hard Time - Seinabo Sey

5) Whats your favourite to grill/barbeque?

All food ^_^ Barbeque is my favourite food... i love grilled salmon, chicken... vegetable skewers, quorn, tofu.. but one of my favourites has to be sweet corn ^_^ Put some salt on it and Yummmm... i could eat 4 at once :)

6) Whats my favourite to drink in summer?

Water, Vitamin well, Celsius, Pepsi Max/ Cola Zero :)

7) What im reading in summer?

I dont actually have any good book to read... i have my Kindle E reader, but just dont know which book to download. I thought about downloading one of John Greens books as i loved The fault in our stars, But i just havent gotten around to doing it yet :) Any book suggestions? :) Granted, ive read ALOT of books already!! haha, its hard to suggest a book which i havent read ;)

8) Favourite thing to wear in summer?

It has to be shorts ^_^ I love dresses, but my favourite this year is shorts and a sports bra :) Apart from the ugly tan lines you get, i love this combo :) hahaha

9) Best pool/bathing place?
 Nature and beaches are my favourite... id ont really like outside pools so much... Im not much of a bathing/swimming person.. i prefer to sunbathe... or do something out in the sun. As i dont really like just lying in the sun either! haha


  1. I love this survey! I had some free time so I just did it on my blog, except it's winter here so I changed it a bit (; I would love for you to read it!

    1. Yayy, im glad you joined in :) i'm going to read it now!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! :) I've also answered this on my blog but had to also adapt it to a winter version. Hehe. Thanks for the awesome posts you always share! My blog address:

  3. hey izzy, thanks for sharing/inviting! I answered this on my account:
    I'd love for you to take a look (if you have time) :))

  4. I answered these questions :)