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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer holidays

I dont think i wrote about yesterday - my last day in school and the end of year show. I guess there isnt so much to say really, but still... haha.
  We began with being in the class room, our mentor giving a speech, he is taking the whole of next year off so this is pretty much the last time i'll ever see him.... kind of sad :/ I wonder who my mentor will be next year, hopefully someone good!!!
  Then muffins and juice were handed out before it was time to clean our lockers - a new locker will be given next year!

And then it was the end of year show where there were dancers and singers and finally a group of teachers both sang(lipsynched) and danced ;) Thats what i love about some of the teachers, they can be super strict, but at the same time they can get up on stage - knowing the whole school is watching and still do a silly performance :) Cant be too self conscious!!

Today, is the beginning of my summer holiday!!! This morning as i wrote i planned on going for a walk, but once i got ouside i felt like running - and thats what i did. However just as i began running it also began raining, and when i looked at the sky it seemed like ti would quickly pass so i kept running, however it poured the whole time i ran.. it was only when i got home that it stopped raining. Typical.
   It was actually super nice running in the rain, ive always been jealous of people who actually do run in the rain... ive just been too comfortable before. Havent wanted to push myself to run in the rain, even though ive been tempted and wanted to run.
  But actually, its not that difficult. And its kind of nice to just be you... music, the rain. No one else was running!!! And i stopped several times to film/take photos of frogs :) :) I should have kissed one, maybe i would find my prince charming then? ;)

My run is pretty mcuh the only thing i will do today, my sister has made other plans and i dont think she is going to the gym? But im going to force her to the gym either tomorrow or Sunday ;) As it will only do her good, but also i want to practise being a PT!!! :)

Hope you have a good day :) How are you spending your day? :)


  1. Hi Izzy! I´m sorry I´m now using your blog to ask a stupid question. I wish as many as possible of your readers will answer.
    I feel like I need a promise and reassurance to this thing.
    Please tell me that it is not normal to do workouts 8-10 times a day? Including hundreds of push ups, squats, jumps and probably over 500 sit ups and other abs a day?
    This is what I´m stuck doing and I feel like I need to know from many people that this is not normal.
    Thank you! Everyone who answers.

    1. I think you already know the answer to this ' otherwise you wouldn't be asking....
      I mean I workout 5-6 times a week and still i can get accused on my blog for over exercising.
      It's not healthy to do so much exercise a day.... ask yourself what you actually want to get out of that much exercise? because all yiu are doing is breaking down your body. You are stressig your heart... your bones will become brittle, your muscles breaking down. You need rest.
      And my bet advice is to seek help.... to learn to rest and cut down exercise as much as possible. It's tough but really do you want to live life the way to are doing now? With so much exercise and you don't have time or enjoyment for anything else?

  2. You must stop doing too much exercises. It can be harmful to ur body. And the most scariest part is, long term excessive exercise can hasten ageing!!! I believe you do not want that, do you? Exercise is an elixir to health. But you must have your limit. I advise you to find something that can distract your mind, read books, or find new hobbies or whatever. Stay healthy in a good way buddy :) G.c

  3. Thank you so much for your replies! Just need to fight through and find balance