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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday breakfast

Hello :)

Last night i ate my night snack at around 8pm, and then when i was going to bed at around 11pm i felt hungry, but at the same time not... it was a weird feeling. Like i couldnt distinguish if i wanted to eat more or not... 
  So instead i drank some water, felt a little satisfied and went to bed. However i woke up at 2.30am after having a very restless and anxious dream. My stomach was rumbling, and i knew that i just wasnt going to get back to sleep unless i ate something - i cant sleep if im hungry, and i wasnt planning to wait until morning time... I mean it was after 12am, so... yeah, new day. Its morning! haha
  So i got up and made myself some yoghurt with nuts and half a grapefruit which helped satisfy my stomach!!

When i woke up this morning my stomach was rumbling once again...So it was just to take a handful of nuts before i went out for a walk with daisy. (Dont like feeling full when i go for runs or walks - Personal preference). And then when i came home i made myself a big bowl of egg white oatmeal, cottage cheese, jam, blueberries, coconut milk & salted nuts. & An Aloe Vera drink. (Im going to write a review about these soon :))

My stomach feels a little satisfied... but i could easily eat more ;) haha. My metabolism is on fire today ^_^ 

^¨Doesnt look good, but tastes like oatmeal heaven (according to me anyway :))

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  1. On of my goals in recovery is to be able to listen to my hunger, and even if I've just eaten, I don't have to wait two hours to eat again. This has been a rule I've had since I was 8 now, so it'll be hard to break. But I actually have a fast metabolism despite being small (I have probably never had less than 800 cals a day - except if I was sick or something, even in the worst of my disorder), so I can eat a big meal and feel hungry an hour later, but then get stressed because my parents are saying 'oohh I'm so full', whereas I could go for more! The other night I felt sick so couldn't have a night snack, but when I laid in bed at 11pm I felt SO hungry and I knew I wouldn't sleep unless I ate something, so I ate some biscuits and slept so well after that (: whereas in the past I would have laid awake for hours listening to my stomach grumble. Have a great day - Saturday is just ending for me ):