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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Questbar review: White chocolate raspberry

This is the second newest flavour ( i think?) that questnutrition have released.
When  i first tried it, i didnt like it that much. I thought i would love it because i love white chocolate, but cant seem to eat it without starting to sweat and feel sick, and also i love raspberries. So whats not to love?
  But after first trying it, it went several months until i bought that flavour again. And it was like my tastebuds had changed because i loved it. And i regretted only buying 1 of them.
   I actually want to buy a box of this flavour as i love it so much - but im afraid that i will eat them all in a matter of days (most probably!!!) :)
Texture: soft with small white chocolate chunks (which dont taste white chocolate, but still delicious!) and small raspberry bits!!! This one is super delicious when its baked, and ive even made small cookies out of it! :)

Flavour: Definitely 5/5 :) Give this one a chance, if you dont like it the first time you might like it the second time?

after taste? A little aftertaste... but just a delicious one :)


  1. I agree 5/5 in my books too! This was the first questbar I tried, probably a year ago now, and I haven't' found another flavor that is as good!