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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Questbar Review: Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake, doesnt it sound delicious?
And it tastes delicious as well!!

This flavour is minus the chunks, but tastes like dough!!
Does it taste exactly like strawberry cheesecake... not really. Like a dough version of it...?

The texture is soft like most of the questbars.
Flavour...well no mouth watering, i want more flavour. But its still yummy.

Its not one of my favourites... it just doesnt have that Wow, im going to eat 5 of these in a row factor!
Though i havent eaten this flavour in a while, so maybe ive just forgotten how it tastes? haha
i should really have written the review while, or just after eating the bar.

I havent tried heating it up either, though if im honest... i cant imagine it would taste so good, but who knows.

What i CAN imagine this bar will taste good with... is actually making it into small cheesecakes.
Using the bar as the base, then mixing together some cream cheese, vanilla powder, some greek yoghurt and strawberries and putting it into the freezer... im sure that would be really yummy!
Ok... now ive just made myself crave this bar, and i think i need to go buy this flavour! hahaah XD

I give this flavour 3/5
^Not my picture^^


  1. Before I tried this flavour I had only heard bad things but I actually really liked it! It's okay when you want a protein bar, as opposed to something more 'indulgent', like having the cookie dough or cookies and cream bar.

  2. Hey, quick question, which is the best flavour to eat raw (unheated) I'm going out tomorrow, and I want to know which flavour to take which wouldn't be a waste if I couldn't heat it up? Thanks in advance x

    1. Definitely cookie dough or cookies and cream :) They are my 2 favourites. Otherwise cinnamon rolls or berry bliss are also nice unheated!