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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Questbar review: Peanut butter cup

Peanut butter cup.
Sounds delicious right... you imagine like reeses peanut butter cups, right? (Though i dont actually like those ^_^)
But you imgaine a creamy chocolate & creamy peanut butter...

That however isnt the case with the quest peanut butter cups.
The chocolate outside is sort of powdery and the peanut butter is all crumbly, not smooth at all.
However, does this make them disgusting? Not at all...
Its a different taste. Some love these, others hate them. So its mixed reactions towards them.
I like them the way they are... they crumble alot, so a plate is needed. But let it sort of melt in your mouth, and its super delicious :)
Another way is to add it to yoghurt, or even make banana & peanut butter ice cream & break the peanut butter cup into the ice cream. :)
You dont have to eat it just the way it is.

What i like about it, is that you get 2 peanut butter cups.... so it lasts longer... sometimes. Othertimes i eat both at once ;) haha

Consistency: Crumbly... so needs a plate ;) haha. Hard to eat on the go.
Flavour: 3/5 not my favourite, but its still good to have at home when you are too lazy to make your own PB cups!
Aftertaste? A little...

in total: 3/5 
You can try it, but maybe dont put it on your number one list to try :)


  1. Hi Izzy. Have you experienced abdominal pain, digestive problems such as stomach upset during recovery? I'm so done with heartburn a also... It's causing so much mess in my mind and for my recovery... It makes things harder!! It's so unfair. Will this all go away? :(

  2. What Is the highest number of quest bars you've eaten n one day? Mine is 4 :)

    1. 3 i think..... but it could have been 4 ;) I gues you lose count (though i ate them through the day.) Thats the dangers of having a box of questbars at home... i end up eating more than 1 a day!! haha

  3. I want to try these SO badly, but I can't find them in Australia ): I buy my quest bars from a supplement shop here, but they don't do the cups. I want to cry when I see people that have them!

    1. You're not missing out on much... i mean they are worth trying, but i dont personally think they are that yummy. Just now and again i can think they are super delicious :)