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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Out to the country & boat trip

The decision of where and with who i was going to celebrate Midsummer with was made by my mum. I was thinking i would spend Midsummer with my friends, but most of them were going away so that option was no longer a choice.
   And then i could either stay at home, or go with my sister to her friends party, or spend it with D, or follow with my parents out to an island. My mum said she wanted to spend time with me and that it would be good to get away from town. To go out into the country, change my routines, see new things etc
  So in the end i decided to follow with. Im not such a huge fan of boats, so wasnt so keen on taking our boat over to the island... but it went well, even though my heart was beating fast the whole time!!

It took alot longer to travel then i expected. We left the house at 3pm and didnt arrive to the cottage until 9pm... There was traffic the whole way & also we stopped to do food shopping.
   My food intake today has been reallymessed uup from the travelling and my travel snacks were 200g salted cashew nuts, 100g salted peanuts, an apple & a peanut butter supreme questbar...... My stomach now hurts from all the nuts. Hahaha, eating extra fat is important for people with CF, but also my body cant absorb the fat so well... so eating so much in a short period of time might not be the best idea!!!

Its been a long day, but so far it feels good to be out here. It will be good to get out of my routines... do some outside training and running. Im baking 2 cakes tomorrow. Going to dress up pretty etc :)

Here is a photobomb from my travels here :)

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  1. ser underbart ut!! :) håller med salta nötter är sååå gott men amn får ont i magen efter några hundra gram haha <3 men värt det, helt klart ;)