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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

midsummer celebrations

I thought i would write shortly about my midsummer celebrations today!
    This morning i spent a while making the cakes and then at around 2.30 we sat down and ate lunch which was a salmon pie, salmon, salad... just a light lunch. Which was then followed by dessert.

By the time we were finished with lunch it was 3.30 and i did some cleaning up in the kitchen, blogging etc before we left at 4pm to go to the midsummer pole. The festivities had begun at 3pm, so the festivities were mostly over but we sat there for a little while. My mum made a flower crown for me. Then, as is tradish out here on the island. You walk to the dock where a boat comes and you stand there and wave as guests arrive to the island. It was a weird way of celebrating... but it was a new experience!!!

When we got home, i just lay in the sofa for a while, writing some blog posts (i have a post coming up tomorrow which you might want to read - about ED thoughts, and if they go away or not.) and then it was time to fix for dinner.
   A cheese type pie, quorn meatballs, salad,potatoes and asparagus. Usualluy you eat pickled herring on midsummer - a food which i really like. But apparently my mum doesnt want any of us to eat it... (??) -_- And no salmon or eggs left... so not much of  a midsummer dinner, but it was still yummy :)

This evening i am just going to rest, take it easy!!! :)

And letting you all know the recipes of the cakes are coming up tomorrow & other posts (not just selfise and food pictures) will be up tomorrow :)


  1. I love the idea of midsummer! :) I think I read in a book that some people pick flowers and if you put them under your pillow you're supposed to dream of your future husband?! Haha

  2. Yeah :) You also jump over 7 different gates :) My mum said I should pick some flowers but last year when I did that i woke up with small dead bugs under my pillow and dried flowers. ... so i didnt really plan on doing the same thing this year ^-^
    mI'm going to have to find my man the old traditional way!!!

    1. Haha ohhhh, that doesn't sound ideal! Ew bugs >.< Haha you and me both! Wooo, the man hunt is on ;)