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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Love your body for what it can do, not how it looks.

After all of the salt & crisp bread i ate yesterday i woke up with a bloated stomach - not the most fun thing to wake up to. And i was like.... I'm not even going to look in the mirror. There's no point.
  After a while I got ready to go for a walk/run planning on going this new route which my mum tipped me about yesterday. Just 2 minutes into my walk i was smiling, so what if I was bloated... nobody else cares about it apart from me. I'm out on an island anyway, no make up, my hair is in a messy ponytail and my choices of clothes is running pants and a big hoody.  Who cares?  The most important is that my body actually works... that i have energy to walk and run. To live. I have free will and freedom.  I can move my body, and that's the most important. Not whether my stomach is flat or not.

I kept walking and walking, thinking I'll either walk around the whole island or ill come to a stop and have to turn back.
  One of the things I love most is exploring and adventures. ... going for adventure runs so it was all exciting and fun until I was about to head back home and realised that the field i had walked through had bulls in it.  I start panicking... not sure what to do. I dont think I've said this before But I'm really scared of cows, and bulls are basically angry cows with horns... Not my idea of fun having to walk through that field.
   I turned back and tried to find a way around the field or another way home, but after walking a few km's i found a man and asked how to get to where I wanted to go and he told me I had to back track, go through the field.... unless I wanted to swim that is.
   I panicked, i called my mum and she told me that the bulls were fine, they wouldn't attack. But i had to calm myself down for 10 minutes so that i wasn't hyperventilating. .. In case the bulls sensed the fear and attacked.
   Once I got by the bulls i ran all the way home....

Long morning walk.... tired now and my legs are already aching!!! But it was still fun to explore the island, it's alot bigger than I thought! !! ^-^

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  1. The bulls sensed you were a nice person... that's why they left you alone!! :)