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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Listening to your body and cravings

All day today ive been craving something sweet - chocolate covered nuts, and i looked in several food shops there at the hospital, but none of them sold them. I guess its because its nuts and people might be allergic...But i was very dissappointed. So instead, on the way home i went to the shop and bought myself 250g chocolate covered nuts & pepsi MAX as part of my snack!!!

I was also craving casein mousse & carrots, so made that as well!!!
Can you tell from the picture that i was hungry? I ate it all, apart from only 50% of the carrots.... just cant digest that much fiber! hahaah

Listen to your body and cravings!! Its ok to eat chocolate, its ok to have a glass of soda/diet soda now and again. Is soda the best thing for your body? Of course not, but it wont kill you to drink a glass or two!!!
  Everything in moderation :)

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  1. Yummy post!!! I always get chocolate cravings. Never a bad thing! :)