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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just eating healthy

Something which bothers me loads is on Instagram all these instagram accounts which have the name 'fit/healthy/fitspo/fitness' etc in their name.
  Yet i dont personally see anything healthy in their lifestyle. Sure they exercise and they eat lots of vegetables, salad and protein. Great right?
   But when all they seem to eat is egg whites, salad and somedays non salted nuts. Their cheats consist of one square of dark chocolate. They never seem to eat out, or eat with others. And when they do they have food boxes with them. Their food always looks the same.
  They do cardio every morning and strengt training every evening. They seem to forget their rest days... and get sick every week yet still workout.

They make comments on other accounts saying, yumm i also want to eat that on a picture of Ben and Jerrys or saying how yummy they think chocolate is, though i bet that they would never eat chocolate.

Ok, i know this all sounds contradictory. Amnt i the same? I eat salad, eggs, nuts. I workout, i do cardio some mornings and i do strength training most days. Amnt i just being a huippocrite?
   I know that i dont know the people behind the accounts, just like the people who make rude comments on my blog or when im accused of being orthorexic, they dont know me. The person behind my blog.

But what i am most bothered with, isnt the actual people or the accounts, they can do what they want. Eat what they want, exercise how they like. Its their lifestyle, im not going to tell them what to do.

However what i hate is how many people have such an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. We are constantly told that either fat is bad, sugar is bad, carbohydrates are the enemy. Never eat chocolate, never drink alcohol. Dont sit too long, go out and run everyday, do strength training. Dont eat this, dont eat that.
  Always be active etc etc and for some people.... they do exactly this. They feel guilty if they eat something considered unhealthy.
  They cant enjoy eating with others, they always have to prepare their own food.... and this isnt even people who have an actual eating disorder, but they do have disordered eating behaviour. They get anxiety over food, start planning all their food, maybe counting calories or macros. Exercising to compensate and burn calories, yet they just say they want to be healthy. Dont want to eat anything bad for their body.

But the fact is, eating something with sugar, fat, oil, cream etc those things dont instantly make you fat. They dont have so much affect on your body if you eat them now and again. Sure you might get something like a stomach ache or headache if you go from eating sugar very rarely to eating loads one night.
  Thats like me, i can start sweatuing and get a headache if i eat soemthing too sugary... but i know it doesnt kill me. Its just my body reacting to something i dont eat so often.
   But yes, sugar is nice. Chocolate, ice cream, cake is nice. Baileys drink is nice, so is cocktails and cider. But i also like salad, carrots and casein pudding. I like plain nuts just as much as i like salted nuts.

I am not someone who says i dont like chocolate just so that i dont have to eat it... instead i make choices of when and how much i want to eat it... though its not so much me that makes the choice, as it is my body!! ^_^ My body knows when it wants chocolate, when it wants vegetavbles. When it needs extra fat or extra carbohydrates.

This post is starting to take a turn from the inital topic. But basically, all these instagram accounts, where the person claims to be healthy. It just doesnt feel like it... all i want to do is write to them and tell them that eating something not considered healthy wont kill them. It wont make them fat... they dont have to just eat super duper yhealthy all the time. Infact i dont consider that healthy.
    Do you have to eat junk food everyday just to prove that you can, No you dont.

I was talking to my sister about this the last day, how most of the time i actually eat chocolate, ice cream, chocolate covered nuts on my own... i buy it on my own account and then eat it on my own... And i was saying, that i hope that she and my mum dont think that i dont eat those type of stuff just because they dont always see me eating that type of stuff. But she said she wasnt worried at all because she knows that i eat that type of stuff, i dont eat it all the time. But i do eat it when i want... whether its 3 times a week, 5 times a week or 2 times a month... it all depends on how im feeling.

Please dont be scared of eating soemthing considered unhealthy, because it isnt unhealthy. Not in moderation anyway. Face the fears in your head... Nothing bad will happen. Trust me!!!
If you follow any accounts on Tumblr, blogs, Instagram etc that trigger you or you know that just eat super healthy and make you feel bad for eating a cookie. Unfollow them, thats what im planning on doing anyway.... i cant help those people, even if i really want to. I wish that everyone could havea  healthy relationship with food... but alll i can do is write, and try to help people. Hopefully make some of my readers choose a more healthy lifestyle, with a balance!!!


  1. Izzy you are so right about this. There is a disturbing phenomenon going around in the social media. I think people get addicted and dependent on likes and comments they get on their pictures and posts. They feel like they need an acceptance on everything they eat and do. Like they need to prove to someone that they live healthy and happy all the time. In my opinion if you actually are in terms with yourself and satisfied with your life you don´t have the need to show it with pictures all the time and get comments and likes.
    And also you cannot know what a person really eat through pictures, because they might go and have more food after the meal in the picture or have something on the side or even throw some away.

    Hoppas du hade en rolig midsommar Izzy!

    1. Tack så mycket :) Not sure if you're swedish or not, so ill reply in english! haha
      You are exactly right, i dont know the people behind the acounts. They could eat more, they definitely dont post everythign they eat. Just like i dont post everything i eat, and sometimes i go take more after i post a picture or maybe i dont even finish what i post... so of course i cant trust everything i see. And i cant be too quick to judge...
      But its more the whole hype of having to be super healthy that bothers me... And you're right. If you are happy and satisfied then you dont have to post everything, dont have to get loads of likes all the time or have to be super healthy all the time... but can just focus on themselves and not share everything all the time.

  2. I can really relate to this. I recently got out of treatment where I made some really great friends who I keep in touch with on Instagram. There is one girl who is very prone to relapse who post a lot of "cheat clean" sort of things. She's been sick a very long time and her mom is also anorexic. I'm not sure if I should say anything or not because this is a slightly different situation. I do know her well. And I agree about most recovery or health blogs. I even occasionally feel that way about your blog. But I know those are just ED thoughts. That I'm just jealous of how much you exercise and how talented you a

    1. Im sorry to hear about that girl, it most be tough that her mum is also sick.... Hopefully you dont get triggered by those you follow. You need to think about your health first.
      Yeah i know i do try to avoid writing about exercise (though its not going so well.) and i try to show that i eat both healthy and unhealthy... i really dont want to trigger people, but at the same time i want to show that you can be heatlhy. That you can exercise and it doesnt have to be a sick thing. And you can eat both healthy and unhealthy.