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Monday, June 30, 2014

Healthy is individual

Health... The definition of Health according to WHO is: "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." SOURCE

Health is about social, mental and physical health... Health is very individul... its not the same for everyone.
   For extroverts, they feel most healthh and happy when they spend time with others, whilst me.. im an introvert and i feel very happy, content and healthy when i spend time on my own .I NEED time on my own for my health, for my mental health. Whilst my sister, who is an extrovert she hates spending time on her own, and is always with friends or family or talking to people.

I consider eating chocolate and candy when i crave it - whether thats 3 times a week, or once every 2 weeks to be healthy. Others find that eating candy one or two times a week is healthiest for them, as it keeps them from binging on it. And others, maybe people who have diabetes find that they cant eat alot of chocolate at all...
  and some people dont even like chocolate, and find that for them...part of being healthy is eating chips on a Friday evening.

For me, healthy is exercising when i have the energy and motivate for it, whether thats 3 times a week or 6 times a week. Others find that going for walks a few times a week is healthy for them, and others have the energy and motivation to do hardcore training 5-6 days a week, and for others... just getting out of the house, sitting in the sun is healthy for them.

Of course there are general guidlines, like exercise 30 minutes a day, dont eat alot of salt or sugar, spend time with friends and family etc
   But those are just guidelines, people are in different stages of their life, going through different things in their life.

When someone is depressed, maybe just sitting outside, saying hello to a family member is a BIG thing for them.
  When someone is recovering from a restrictive eating disorder, or from a very low weight then exercising 30 minutes a day ISNT advised.
   As i have CF but also sweat so much through exercise, my salt intake needs to be higher (as my sweat is extra salty).

So remember health is very individual... you cant necessarily tell someone that just because they dont eat candy as often as you, that they are unhealthy. Or because someone eats candy more often that you, they are unhealthy.
  Its about finding the balance For YOU!

Of course, there are guidlines of where the balance of too healthy becomes unhealthy, or where too much exercise or too little exercise is unhealthy. Just like with too much healhty food or too unhealthy food becomes unhealthy... but its about finding what works for YOU.

You dont need to follow someone elses way of living, the way they exercise or eat. That wont necessarily make you healthy if you feel sad, always hungry, not enough energy etc


  1. Precisely so! :)
    Although there must be some kids from this newer generation at least, whose parents never buy them any food that's considered unhealthy by them. Some of the kids naturally also happen to be extremely introvert and possibly never end into situations (such as birthday parties) where they would have a chance for even getting to know what they're missing. They get their tasty experiences out of very healthy everyday food.

    What is your state on this? This is quite a new subject that I have noticed to wake some controversy.

    Ps. I've been offline for the past 12 days and now I'm back again. I made a long, long comment to your post about comparing as my mobile version strictly claimed it to be the latest post... Until I sent the comment, of course. If you're interested at all, maybe you would like to check it up quickly? It's just another blabber of my own experiences again, though. I get it if you didn't care for it! :)

    1. Yeah i know there are kids who are brought up by people who are vegan and the child also has to be vegan... I'm not gonna judge or say anything about that :)
      And yeah I mean when you're an introvert you might miss out on parties etc but sometimes that is exactly what the person needs... you're not being a loner or anti social, it's just that spending so much time with others can be very exhausting. And that they find comfort being alone. They're not depressed. ... but yeah, sometimes an introvert needs to push themselves to do things and be around lots of people. While an extrovert maybe needs to push themselves to be alone some more... to step outside of their comfort zone.
      Yeah ill look at that when I can:)

  2. Yes to all of this! For so long I listened to all of these 'rules' that people online were saying was right in order to be healthy - no gluten, no dairy, not too much fruit, etc. I was limiting myself to 1/2 a banana, even though I LOVE banana! I did this for over a year! Now I have a rule that whenever I eat a banana it must be a whole one, as life is too short for 1/2 a banana (; I used to eat this disgusting gluten free bread as I thought it was healthier, when actually I think the fresh sourdough bread I was craving was probably healthier! At the moment a 'grain free' revolution is happening in Australia and everyone is cutting out grains, and I just don't agree with that. For me, grains are healthy. It's about listening to you, and what your body wants in the end.
    And yes, I too am an introvert and need quite a lot of 'me time' everyday, otherwise my mental health suffers. I get very tired being around others and I think it uses up a lot of my energy. My Mum doesn't understand this as she is an extrovert and always thinks I'm just trying to be rude or antisocial. But it's nice to know I'm not the only one that needs their own time (:

    1. There are so MANY rules online... All these different diets with their different rules of how and what to eat. But the most important is to find what you like and what works for you! Because you're right, life is too short for only half a banana!!! Hahah
      That's like me and my sister... though my sister has come to realise that being alone gives me energy whilst spending too much time with others can make me tired. ... even if i love spending time with friends and family. I still need my alone, me time!