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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Good morning

It feels like its been a while that i shared one of my breakfast pictures... haha. Ive been too hungry to take a picture and actually make my breakfast look good ;)
   My breakfast today was a big bowl (1,5 portion) of egg white oatmeal, quark, raspberries & 2 eggs. And added milk and peanuts afterwards...I felt i needed a crunch in my bowl ;)

I dont have any plans today... just like i dont have any plans for my summer at all! haha
But im not feeling stressed or anxious about that, i kind of like just having free time...
Going for walks, reading, listening to music, eating yummy food, baking, meeting friends when i can...
Just relaxing, having both me time, but also spending time with friends and family :)

Now im going to continue eating my breakfast and try to write some posts for today :)

Hope you all have a good day :)
What did YOU eat for breakfast? :)


  1. Morning Izzy! It's already 6:20pm here (Australia) but today has been okay. Kind of like your day - nothing planned so I read a bit (but I can't find any good books - any suggestions?), blogged, did some revision, etc. For breakfast today I had oats with some sunflower and chia seeds as well as a tangelo fruit. Quick question - what is quark? Is it like yoghurt? I think I have seen it here, but I am too afraid to try it! I love yoghurt, so if it's like that then I'll buy some. Do you hard boil your eggs?

    1. Sounds like a good day :) Hahah, im in the same situation... need a good book to read aswell ;)
      Quark is like a sour, more thick yoghurt... like greek yoghurt almost. I prefer it as it makes me feel more full, if i eat yoghurt i need to eat like 500ml & LOTS of toppings to feel just a little full. So quark mixed with yoghurt is perfect :) The taste on its own most people dont like - but i dont mind it actually :) But you can add cinnamon, stevia, warm/cold berrries, nuts etc i mix it with either yoghurt or the drink funlight :) Its a sort of love it/hate it type of thing :)
      Yeah i hard boil my eggs... im not a huge fan of the egg yolk, but i can eat it when its hard boiled, but i cant eat the egg yolk if its runny :)

  2. Your breakfasts always look so yummy! :)

  3. Having free time is the absolute best! :) I just picked up my sister's juicer yesterday so I'm hoping to give it a whirl tomorrow morning! Woo!

    1. Exactly, much needed after a busy school term :)
      Ohhh... if you try any good recipes, let me know :)

  4. I just had a few slices of white breads, which make me feel guilty right now haha. Should eat whole grain instead :(

    1. Of course you shouldnt feel guilty :) If white bread is what you want or what you have at home, its fine to eat it :) :) And if it makes you feel guilty, even more reason to eat it, tof ight the voice in your head!!

  5. It's an 8 hour time difference from Sweden to USA, so I just had breakfast: overnight oats with almond butter, salad (mixed greens with stewed onions and tomatoes, nutritional yeast, olive oil, lots of spices), and bread. Not a typical breakfast, but I can eat anything in the morning!

    1. Yummm!!! That sounds absaloutly delicious, i had a period where i ate salad and egg for brteakfast & some bread or crisp bread, but i got hungry alot sooner after eating that!! :)
      But its a good way to get your greens in, eating salad for breakfast :)