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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Food & Series watching

We all need those days where we really dont do anything. And today has been one of those days.

Like i wrote this morning, it was like my metabolism was on high speed... but my hunger has been very weird today. Gone from feeling like i could eat at an all you can eat buffet for 2 hours straight, and then eating some water melon or an egg sandwich and suddenly feeling really full... so today has just been a bunch of small meals every 1-2 hours. So almost like constant food? But thats what my body has needed today... no huge meals, just small portions frequently!

I did however make a delicious fruit platter which i enjoyed as one of my snacks!

Otherwise, apart from baking the apple cake i have watched LOTS of episodes of the series Hereos!
I watched a few episodes back in 2008 & 2009, but our internet was so slow back then that i could never follow the show. So im planning this summer to watch all 4 seasons...Internet series addicted?Yes, im not even denying it.
But when you are on your summer holiday and its grey and cold outside, whats better than to lie in bed and watch series :)
Apart from meeting friends and socializing anyway... but today i needed some me time!

Otherwise im going to try this new diet called Eating more! ^_^
I dont count calories or macros or track what i eat, but i know my body well enough and i know that right now... something is wrong with my body. I can feel it physically.
And im not sure what it is, so im going to see how much i actually eat, so that i dont overestimate, as that can be done. And ive recently realised how much i actually burn during my workouts, which shocked me alot. As i thought i burnt a 3rd of what i actually do.. meaning that i might just have to eat more. That might be why ive felt so hungry recently.
So it will be good to see if all that i need to do is eat more!! :)

I feel that i have such a fine balance in my body.. how i can tell so easily whether i lose or gain weight. Whether ive eaten something im intolerant to.. stress, bloating, hormones. Its like i can feel it.
And now i know that i need to change something in my diet... Just need to figure out what it is ;)

Here are some pictures from Daisy today ;)

^^Shes such a cutie, she just sleeps for most of the day apart from the times i go out for walks with her :)


  1. omg what's in those boxes, juice? :))))

    1. Haha yes, i have a partnership/cooperation with VitaminWell & NOBE. So im going to write a review of the flavours i have ;)

  2. Hi Izzy. Have you experienced abdominal pain, digestive problems such as stomach upset during recovery? I'm so done with heartburn a also... It's causing so much mess in my mind and for my recovery... It makes things harder!! It's so unfair. Will this all go away? :( help can you make a post about it? It's such a stymie in recovery it makes me wanna cry! Because I want to eat!!! Eat loads!!! And I can't because if that!!! I'm so scared I've ruined my body and it won't stop :(

    1. Yeah ill try write a post about this.
      But those feelings are part of recovery, they WILL go away.. whether its weeks or months, it all depends on your metabolic damage. But keep eating normally and regularlly and the pain will go away.
      For me, because i purged so much and so often i now have constant heartburn, which is something i need to live with as medicine doesnt seem to help either.
      The bloating and stomach discomfort and pain goes away. Dont worry, dont give up.

  3. How r u feeling exactly? If u feel mentally sluggish you may need to eat more fat, or u may need more carbs if ur feeling tired physically...:-)

    1. Sort of bloated and heavy... it could be hormones, but ive felt this way before when i wasnt eating enough due to stress or too high activity levels. So i'll see in a week or two if eating more helps.. but yeah, there might be a macronutrient i need more of ;) Though i dont feel physically or mentally sluggish.... its just a weird sort of feeling.

  4. Hi Izzy! Do you think you might have increased your aerobic and cardio amount due to that you have more time during summer break? So might be wise to increase carb intake.

    1. Yes i have definitely increased my cardio as now im going for walks most mornings or runs as i have the time for it and love it... so i think that might be why im feeling the way im feeling because i just eat from hunger and fullness, so i havent necessarily thought that i need to eat more, or felt ive needed to eat more.

  5. Heroes is such an amazing show! I finished it about a year ago and was so sad when the plans fir one last season got trashed! How far are you in the series?

    1. I love it :) Almost finished the first season ^_^
      Ive heard that they are making a heroes film though? ;)