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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day at the hospital No.2

Up at 5.30am this morning, though not because i had to be up this early but becauyse the sun was shining into my room, and i had slept very restlessely last night.... half asleep for the few hours i did sleep.

Today i have to fast as i am getting blood tests done, and its actually alot harder to do than i thought... My stomach is growling and all i can think about is breakfast... ive packed with me food for afterwards, but i am so tempted to just sit down and eat it now... Not tell the nurses that i ate... :/
  But i know the blood tests wont be accurate then. But it sucks... its crazy to think that i purposely starved myself/didnt eat before... now i cant even go 3+ hours without food, if it isnt that i am busy all day and dont get the chance to eat. But otherwise, my stomach would never let me forget to eat.

Im not sure what type of fasting im supposed to be doing... i.e not drinking/eatingn anything, or like... water is ok fasting.
 But im going with the second option and enjoying a green tea - just green tea - and water.... Trying to convince myself that i feel a little full, but nothing beats food!!
 Only 90+ minutes until i can eat.... i can do this!! ^_^

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  1. go izzy!! you can do it!
    I hope everything goes okay at hospital:)
    also, I love your dress c: