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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cooking questions

I got asked these questions in an email which i thought i would answer in a post :)

how often do you cook? Do you cook for yourself every meal and like bring your own lunch to school? How often do you eat outside?

How often i cook... it depends what type of cooking you mean.. now during my summer holidays i prepare my own lunch and 50% of the time my own dinner. And for lunches, im always super lazy as usually i eat lunch after my workout. So then i either have left overs from the night before or i just heat up some veggies, quorn products and if we have any chickpeas/quinoa/pasta or i just eat some crisp bread... Lazy lunch X 100. But i think thats ok during the summer holiday, i mean for lunch my mum and step dad just eat salad and some eggs or something, so i mean. I actually make a proper meal ;)

While im in school i always eat the lunch that is served, there are 3 options everyday, and if i dont like any of the options i.e if its sausage and vegetarian sausage being served then ill take yoghurt and ceral and crisp bread which is also there.
   During weekdays, when im in school i often come home late. And i usually eat a snack then, and sometimes dont eat dinner until maybe 8 or 9pm (and a night snack after.- ALWAYS!). And because everyone in my family has different time schedules, my mum and sister often eat early as they work during the evenings, my step dad doesnt come home until 5 or 6pm and eats something then. And i come home around 6 or 7pm most days apart frmo the days where i finish at like 1 or 2pm, then im home for maybe 3 or 4pm.
    So during school weeks 90% of the time i cook my own dinner. But i also try to have food boxes prepared, which i just reheat. So that i dont have to stand there cooking something for myself when i need to study and am tired.

How often i eat at restaurants... not often at all. Its not really our first priority at our house... instead we do big weekly food shops, and thats where our food money goes. But if i could, i would eat our 2 or 3 times a week because i enjoy it :)
  But i like to think more economic and might bring a lunch box with me if im going somewhere so that i dont have to buy food.

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