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Monday, June 30, 2014

Chocolate cravings

All of yesterday i wanted trail mix... it was like all i could think about. But i just couldnt be bothered to go to the shop... i kept wishing that, if i thought hard enough for trail mix, it would suddenly appear in the pantry... Hahaha, NOT the case!!!
   So today, on my way home meeting my friend i decided to go to the shop and finally buy myself some trail mix. Yesterday i was more craving chocolate covered nuts, but today i was craving more salty... so lots of salted cashews & salted puffed corn!! Mmmm
Something which i have never really understood is when people crave something, lets say chocolate... and then they eat fruit instead, or make an avocado mousse or some healthy hot chocolate or something... For me, i could eat all the chocolate substitue.. i.e stevia chocolate, chocolate oatmeal, dark chocolate, healthy chocolate muffins.... normal chocolate muffins. But if its regular chocolate im craving... then no matter what type of substitue i try, its not going to fix my craving!!
  Im like... if i want ben and jerrys, eating banana ice cream isnt going to make that craving go away. And eating an avocado chocoalte mousse when im craving chocolate isnt going to fix it!! haah XD

Of course, cravings = there is something in that food that you are missing/lacking, so of course these other options can be very helpful. But im all for eating my actual craving, and not tring to eat something similiar to the craving.

^All for meeeeeee XD


  1. Haha I had cravings for trail mix as well! I got one with chocolate covered peanuts/raisins to help with the chocolate cravings! I'm usually the same with chocolate cravings/chocolate substitutes! The only thing that can kind of help is banana 'ice-cream' with cocoa mixed in. It is just too good....but then I crave more so I guess it doesn't really help :/ ha. Nothing quite like eating actual chocolate! :)

    1. Exactly, chocolate is the real deal!! ^-^