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Sunday, June 29, 2014

breakfast and how i spend my morning

Mornings to me are very special... I like having time to eat my breakfast. The worst thing i know is rushing around in the morning, barely having time to eat or get ready. So instead, i always give myself 90 minutes in the morning during school days... and even if im going somewhere i still get up around 80-90 minutes before i have to leave. This gives me time to get ready, make breakfast, eat breakfast. Read blogs, write blog posts. Get ready, drink another cup of coffee if needed. Take Daisy for a short walk & still have that 5 minute of just 'nothing time'. For me, that is the perfect start!
  But what i lov more, is the mornings - like now on my summer holiday where if i wake up and feel like going for a walk, whether its a 20 minutes walk or an 80 minute walk, i have time for that!!!

Im the type of person who gets ready before i eat breakfast... im always fully clothed and if im going somewhere, have my make up and hair done before i eat breakfast.
 Do you get dressed before or after breakfast?
Are you the type of person who just rushes in the morning?

Someday im planning to do a photo an hour post. Where i take a photo of what im doing every hour to show you how my day looks... but then i want to pick a day where im doing something, and not just at home :)

Below you see how my delicious breakfast looked this morning, which i enjoyed while writing this post :)
 And YES, that is apple pie for breakfast ;) Mmmmm

I know some of you wanted to know more about Sweden & Swedens culture, so im going to write a post about Typical swedish breakfast :)


  1. I always get changed before breakfast! It would be weird to eat in my pyjamas! I love the morning too, I always feel a lot less anxiety, and I have the whole day to look forward to. I really love your breakfasts! I looked for quark in the shop today and I found it, but it was $7! A bit expensive, so maybe one day I'll treat myself to it, but for now I'll stick with yoghurt! I can't wait to see your post about a swedish breakfast! Other cultures fascinate me. I think I love the European way of eating the most, it seems pretty healthy, basic and delicious. I find French food a bit too rich, but I really like Swedish and Swiss food.

    1. haha, i find the same thing. It weird to eat in pyjamas!!! Wow, that is rather expensive... here its cheap as so many people eat it!! haah Quark has a sort of weird taste on its own.. i can eat it just as it is, but most people prefer mixing it with something! Just a tip, for when and if you do try it!
      Yeah i find the french breakfasts a bit too much... or i mean now and again having croissants, pan au chocolat, baguettes etc for breakfast is delicious, but i guess everyday you get a little tired of it!

  2. Oh my gosh, look at that food! Stomach is growling!

    I'm also letting you know that I've nominated your for an inspirational blogger award! The post is scheduled on my blog so it actually isn't "live" yet but it will be in six hours! Woohoo! If you wanna check it out and perhaps write a post too then that would be awesome! If not, well, you're still an inspiration to me and I thought others should know that :)

    (I think I commented but I wasn't sure so I thought I would just comment again! Haha sorry for the potential double up!)

    1. Naaw thank you!! Im going to check it out today!!! :)

  3. I always prepare my oatmeal first and while it's cooling down, I wash my face :D Then I eat and afterwards do what's left of getting ready (: