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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bikini season

Now that its getting warmer in most parts of the world, and its summer season. Quite alot of people are panicking about their bodies, the way they look. They feel they dont have a bikini body, they would rather sit inside in their room all day than have to go out wtih friends or to the beach and show their body.
  I understand, ive been there. Ive felt that uncomfortable, horrible, anxiety about my body feeling. All ive wanted to do is hide from the world, whenever i went out it felt like people would stare at me... at the time i thought it would because i was so fat, though ive now come to realise that it was because i was so skinny... but also my arms were marked with self harm scars. Of course people stare...
  They have nothing better to do. But you have to learn to let go of what others think, which can be hard when you have an eating disorder, or body issues or low self esteem.... You care alot about what others think.

But you shouldnt.

Having a bikini body... what does that actually mean? Everyone looks different, has different shapes and sizes, heights and weights. Some people have scars, others have wrinkles and cellulite, others have saggy skin and some have six pack abs.... everyone is different.
  And Everyone has a perfect body. No matter what your weight, or what you percieve as flaws. Most people dont care.... The people who do care, who judge other people, They are shallow. Its the personality, the person who matters, not what and how they look.
  Everyone can wear a bikini, walk on the beach with shorts on.... (Now im not going to get into the whole guy/girl thing, and the whole thing where society tells women not to wear too little clothes as they might get raped etc etc Im just talking about actually feeling confident enough, daring to wear a dress or shorts or a bikini in summer)

Nadia Aboulhosn

Society tells us that we have to look a certain way to be able to wear ex. crop tops or a bikini. But thats not true, the most important is feeling confident and happy. You DONT have to sit in jeans and a jumper during the warm weather, get past the fear. The only person judging you is YOU.
   People have cellulite, stretch marks, scars, tummy rolls, love handles etc etc Its just normal and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

Its important to learn to love yourself, for your perfections and flaws. I know i can post photos were i look like i have abs or something.... but i dont look like that all the time. I bloat, my stomach sticks out, i can have bad body image days, i can feel fat...
 But that doesnt stop me from living. I amnot going to hide away just because im having a bad body image day. Its about getting up and living life, and not letting the way your body looks stop you.
  Because then trust me, you will spend half of your life hiding away. Because you cant control everything about your body..... there are so many chemical reactions happening in your bdoy all the time... if you eat something your intolerant too, eat too much, eat too little, drink too much water, drink too little water, eat too much salt, stressed, hormones, time of the month etc etc all that can lead to imbalance in the body, bloating, water retention etc etc

So instead of trying to constantly control your body and the way it looks, learn to just live life... no matter how your body looks.
    Your weight - the number on the scale doesnt really matter. The most important is that it is a HEALTHY weight. Whether your BMI x or BMI y according to me doesnt matter so much, as long as its a healthy one.
   Your body is like your home - the place you will always live. Are you really going to keep destroying it just because you are unhappy with the way it looks? Destroying it, harming yourself, ruining your 'home' isnt going to make ti better... instead, you need to learn to  love it for how it is... make small improvements to feel even more comfortable.
  But the most important is body acceptance!!! Body positivity is key!


  1. It's summer season only on the Northern Hemisphere ;)

    1. Hahah, yeah i figured that... But i mean, isnt it still warm in the south aswell... just not as warm as it usually is`?
      And i mean if someone from the north is going on holiday to the southern countries they would still find ti warm... ? haha


      Yeah, it's warm if you don't go to far south ;) Like if you look at the climate data for this city in southern Argentina, you'll see that the warmest months are January and February, while the coldest ones are June and July!