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'Dont let the sadness of your past & the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present'

My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


How many schoolyears does it taje in sweden to graduate? In germany its 12years however some want to change this to 13 years

Here in Sweden you start school when you are 7, before that you go to like a daycare or a sort of 'pre school' i think (not fully certain). In Ireland you begin when you are 4 or 5, and some kids even begin school when they are 3 ??!! Which i think is crazy. And then i think its 11 years in school? hahah. I am not so sure, but you go in this sort of primary (grundskola) from 7yrs to 15/16yrs and then you change school to gymnaisum, where you choose which program you want to study and start to think more about your future and career. And you go to gymnasium for 3 years. So i have 1 more year left :)
   In ireland you go to school for 14 years.... O_O (primary class, secondary class. 1st class to 6th. Then you change to secondary school and go 1st year to 6th year.) Thats ALOT of time in school -_- 

DO you sleep in socks or not? :) 
Hhahah. I do actually, but each morning i wake up and my socks are off and i can either only find 1 sock or none of them? I have no idea what happens...

Do you prefer wearing jeans, skirts or dresses? 

I actually hate wearing jeans, i wear jeggings sometimes. But i prefer wearing skirts or dresses with tights... im more flexible then. I feel i can move more :) Haha, i feel so restrained in jeans.

What's your favourite animal? 

Dogs, i think. I love all dogs!! And i think chimpanzees, teacup pigs, hedgehogs are cute :)

Was there a time during recovery where everything just sort of clicked and you just got so bored of anorexia that you decided to just get better or was it a much longer process?
  No, it wasnt that i got bored. It was more that i hit rock bottom and realised that i couldnt physically or mentally keep going the way i was going... that i knew i HAD to change if i wanted to keep living.

Which five pieces of possession would you save if everything else would be destroyed? Note: Objects only! Daisy, for example, is safe (of course :--).

  1.  My phone (of course!!!), 
  2. my hard disk (all my pictures, videos etc are saved there!),
  3. Protein powder (??!!) No thats a joke ;) My wallet!!!
  4. My sports clothes/ my gym bag with all my gym things in there
  5. The fridge?? (&& the contents of the fridge)
Now i have 2 stories to tell based on this question :)

1)When i was younger i once got really paranoid that there would be a fire in the house or that someone would rob us or something so i packed all of my most important things in a bag and kept that bag with me at all times... This lasted for about 6 months until my mum finally convinced me that i didnt need to bring my whole life with me everywhere i went.
  It also backfired when i had my purse stolen with ALL my money in it.... i was too scared to leave money in the house (i had a little in a bank account) but it was pretty much 80% of my life savings so far. 

2) We did actually have a mini fire in our dads house, the alarm went off and we all had to evacute the house... i grabbed our 3 dogs, my sister grabbed our younger baby brother and my step sister grabbed.... The popcorn kernels? Hahahah, the one thing you could actually leave in a fire she grabs? I mean, we would have atleast had actual popcorn if it had been lit on fire?!
   I still laugh so much each time i think of this ;) But i know anyway what i grab if i have to evactue the house,and thats my dog(s) :) :)

Is there a skill that you've always wanted to have?

Any skill or talent really. I feel really talentless... like i dont know what im good at? 

  I am jealous of my friends who can sing and dance and draw... like what can i do? Lift weights, do some push ups... haha (Infact i secretly wish we can have a push up competition at school just so that i can show that i am actually good at something!! ^_^ )
  Ok, but a skill... being invisible would eb cool... maybe that counts more like a superpower. But i wish that i could sing.... I hate my voice and feel very self conscious of my voice, so i dont dare to sing at all!

Where do you find your time for all the blogging and gramming with yoyr active lifestyle? 

I prioritse and plan which is very important. Otherwise i wouldnt get everything done. When im in school and have my routines its easier, because then i know what times i can workout, i study while in school and i write posts early in the morning before school or late at night before i go to bed. And i schedule posts. On Sundays i try to schedule posts for the whole week if i know im away :) Blogging is like a part time job & also i have 4 email accounts O_O So yes, im busy. But this is how ive choosen to live my life.

  I have choosen to have a very active online life, but i always make time for things i enjoy which is working out but also friends and family!
  It also helps that i am a morning person, i can get up at 6 or 7 even on weekends as thats the time i usually wake up at :) So i get alot done!

What is the weirdest dream of yours?

 Hahaha, OK, prepare for weirdness (i dont know if ive written about this before or not?). But a few weeks ago i had this really weird dream - there were 2 parts to it.

part 1) Im sitting in our house in Ireland and my mum and dad come with this guy (dont know who he is) and tells me that i have to take care of him. And then they dissappear - drive off somewhere. So i sit there with him, but suddenly i have to go shopping and i cant bring the guy with me, but hes cold and i have to keep him warm. So i decide to put him in the dishwasher (while its on!!) haha. So i stuff him in there and go shopping.

Part 2) To end the first part - the guy did die :(
 But onto the second part... im with m family and we are planning on going for a walk, and im like. Ill bring food with me. But i dont want to bring a bag or anything so i stand by the frdige stuffing sweet potatoe into my bra... For later ;) hahaha XD

^^Very weird dreams!

You can only listen to one artist or band for the rest of your life. Who/what would it be?

At the moment i dont actually have any favourite artists or bands... i jsut sort of listen to catchy songs. I dont get so addicted to music or artists. I love music, but i love all types of music. Not just one artist!

Do you care for other sorts of candy than chocolate? Like marshmallows, jellies or cream sweets?

Not really... i like biscuits like fingers and chocolate chip cookies. But otherwise not so much...  I am not a fan of jelly things or sweets, i dont like gelatin. Infact just thinking about food that contains gelatine makes me feel a little sick. So i avoid those types of foods.

What could be the best thing to happen to you right now answering this question?
 Hahaha what? I dont really understand this question... the best thing to happen to me? That someone feels really generous reading this blog and wants to donate 1million to me.... (infact i get loads of these emails *spam* each day!! ^_^ )

  Or that Questnutrition wants to sponsor/partner with me... That would seriously make my year... my next 5 years!! ^_^


  1. Thank you for such a fun and cheerful post Izzy! Especially love the dream answer!! Explains how much you love sweet potatoes hahaha :) J

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