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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Aerboxing video

This video has been a long time coming - but hopefully you can see it?
Otherwise ill upload it on Youtube!!! :)

Ive sped it up X2, thats why it looks super fast, and a little weird.
And no superstar editing, just a quick 5 minute thing!! hahah XD
Enjoy ;)

If the video above doesnt work here is the youtube video :)


  1. You are so strong Izzy! Did you say you did this with your Dad? He looks so young! I miss exercising so much, boxing classes were my absolute favourite. But then I had to relapse and ruin everything ): how long do you think is a good break from exercise when you're underweight?

    1. Thank you :) Yeah my step dad... hahah, yeah he looks alot younger than he is... turning 50 this year!! But is still as active and healthy as a 30 year old :)
      That should be your motivation to get healthy to be able to do boxing again :) I would wait until you are 2-3kg away from your goal weight and then slowly begin exercising again, not all at once! :)

  2. fan va tufft! Jättekul matt se video! Önskar jag kunde vara lika duktig på det som du :) Du inspirerade mig sjukt mycket nu att börja testa! Att träna ute måste ju vara superskönt dessutom! p.s vem är det med dig?:)

    1. Nääee tack så mycket :) Jag är ju utbildad till instruktor inom aeroboxing, så vi får köra någon pass någån gång!! haah Det är jätte kul att träna utomhus, en variation från gymmet :)
      Det är min styvpappa :)

  3. Hahaha I love how you have sped it up, absolutely funny ;-) J

    1. Hahah, i felt i had to otherwise it would be too long!!

  4. Great video! You're so fit ohmygoodness the moves look tiring! Would this work in the gym with resistance bands?

    1. Thank you :) Yeah they are tiring, its like HIIT. You work hard for 40-80 seconds and then 'rest' while the other person works! Its high intensity all the time. I love it :)
      Yeah you can definitely do it at the gym, and if you have a gym partner you can do the boxing as well :) I usually do this type of trianingw ith my sister at the gym :)