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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Thigh gap

Yesterday i got a comment about how it seemed strange that i had gotten my 'thigh gap' in with the pitcture i had taken. I was almost shocked when i read that comment, and laughed because what I dont have a thigh gap?
  So when  i scrolled up and looked at the picture, it looks like i have a gap, but it was definitely not done consciously, i hadnt even noticed it. My body and legs arent built to have a thigh gap. No females in my family have a thigh gap, so it wouldnt be healthy if i did have one. When i was sick, i did have a thigh gap but it wasnt something i noticed then, i just felt fat i hated my legs. Infact my legs were one of the hardest things to accept, to actually like while in recovery and recovered. But now i like my legs for what they can do, i dont focus on how they look, but am just happy that i have 2 functioning legs!!

Im sorry if that picture triggered anyone, that was not the intention, i hadnt even noticed it until that comment. Ill try think about it for future reference, but the fact is... i cant avoid all types of triggers. In life, you will meet people who have thigh gaps, and see pictures of it... because well, societys view of beauty is that everyone should have a gap between their legs(???) something which i dont understand,.
 I mean give me a good reason why you want a gap between your legs? What does it mean? Does it make you more beautiful? smarter? a better person? happier?

You also need to realise that a thigh gap is unrealistic for many people. Its about the structure of your body and your hips, even DNA counts.Some people will always have a thigh gap, whether they are normal weight or underweight. But there is no point being jealous about that. Its just a gap....  what does it make a diffference?

^^ There you see that i dont have a thigh gap ;) ;)
And thats ok, i dont need one!!! ^_^

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