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Saturday, May 24, 2014


Today i just spent around 2 hours in the sun, and it didnt feel that warm (though it was around 27 degrees ) but i ended up burning myself :/ It wasnt until my sister came home and said how red the back of my legs and my back were that i went and looked in the mirror!!! My back is all red, and my front side is tanned...Hmm, not the best look?
  Ive always thought that my body has it hard to tan, but maybe not?

I guess i need to be alittle more careful in the sun ;)
 Ive got a little studying done, though lets be honest... the sun just makes me tired. Infact when its summer time and so hot outside, it makes eating hard as my apetite drops to 50% and i feel 50% more tired :/ This happens every year :/
   The sun made me so tired that i had to go take a little nap, though that might also be because i was up so early today as well.

Otherwise, i went and voted for the Europen elections today!!! Sort of exciting, ive never voted before ;) haha. Feels like a big deal, but at the same time not really!! haah I wasnt planning on voting because i have about 0 knowledge of politics (though thats what my sister is studying!!! - International relations!), and she keeps trying to teach me everything. But it seems to go in one ear, out the other.
  Infact i remember when my sister and I were younger and though politics was the most boring thing ever.... i guess times have changed, though i admit, i still find it very boring. I would much rather talk about things like exercise and working out - Things i know more about :)

^^ hahaha, so pretty with that line!!! XD
^^ My choice of snacks while studying! Carrots, followed by lots of nuts and my raw food chocolate cake :)

How have you spent your day? :)


  1. Put aloe Vera gel on your back, it helps soothe the burn:)

    I went to church then celebrated my brother's birthday with a sushi dinner!

    1. yeah i really need to do that!! That sounds like a nice day :) Sushi is the best!

  2. I got sunburnt last weekend , I live in the UK and it reached 25 degrees. I was wearing my bikini but I couldn't reach all of my back when applying sun cream , because of my bikini string I ended up with sun burn the shape of a butt on my back :O definitely not a good look haha!

    1. hahahah, this made me laugh!! ;) Sun tan lines, or when you get burnt is never a good look... But now im going ot have to walk around with a red back ;)

  3. I burnt myself aswell today, my back of the legs are hurting so much:S I used sun cream on my back, but i still have those weirdly shaped red lines all over:D

    1. Sunburn always hurts... hopefully it heals soon, and your legs dont hurt so much!

  4. Could u post the recipe of your chocolate cake???

  5. O_o Your back muscles! I love them!! What exercises do you do to get those muscles? I want that too! I find muscular backs and sholders so beautiful (wierd, huh) :)

    1. Yeah, ive worked hard on my back!! ( I think a muscled back looks really good :) ) I do lots of different exercises, Lat pull downs, rows, dumbbell rows, push ups, pull ups, chin ups and lots of others one which i dont even know the name of!

  6. hahahah, this made me laugh!! ;) Sun tan lines, or when you get burnt is never a good look... But now im going ot have to walk around with a red back ;)

  7. Ouch, your sunburn looks painful. I hope it gets better soon!
    Your body looks great anyway though.

    I've started blogging again and I thought I would give you the link though it's in Danish. But Danish and Swedish isn't that different so maybe you could be interested. :-)