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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Short school day & fat feelings

Hello :)
   Today is just one of those days where i dont like what i see in the mirror.... usch. Feel like all i am seeing is flaws, things which i dont like about myself. Nothing fits, everything is wrong with me and my appearance. And even have these fat feelings... But im not gonna let these feelings control me, because even if i feel fat today.... or feel like i have excess fat, i know deep down that i dont. So trying to convince myself of that anyway.

^^My breakfast this morning

Today i only had 1 lesson, so i went in and wrote on the assignment which we had to work on, and then we got to finish early. So a very short day in school!!!

While waiting for the bus i went into the shops (looking for new shoes!!) but i found these new sports shorts which i love, and thinking about buying!!! (I have an addiction to sports clothes, i seriously have like 65% sports clothes and 35% normal clothes!!!)

I came home and ate lunch, and then made some date and coconut balls - i love having soemthing sweet after lunch!!! :) And these are perfect ;)

And since then ive sat trying to study maths, but it feels like im just getting more confused. Next Thursday i have my national maths exam, on everything we've done this year, and this is the first time ive actually gotten a chance to study maths.... and its not going so well!!!
Im naturally good at maths, but trying to go over a whole year of maths, and a whole text book is pretty hard!!!

But its just to keep going ;)

^^^So many photos in this post ;)


  1. what do your friends think that you have tattos? do you ever regret your tattos? what do they mean? do you want new ones?

  2. 1 you're not fat at all and you know it ;)
    2 Your shoulders look amazing!
    3 That tiger top is so pretty!
    4 The coconut balls look delicious (send some my way please!)

  3. Loving those shorts! You should seriously buy them!
    Can you maybe write a detailed post about when you were half recovered? i think i'm stuck at this point at the moment.

  4. Yeah i will try do that as soon as i can :)