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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday update

Today feels like a never ending day, and not in a good way. Infact i feel like i have done 0 things today. I havent got so much work today, i keep thinking ill do it tomorrow, ill do it next week etc But that sort of thinking is not good right now when theres deadlines... it feels like i should be stressed? But im not.... And that to me is weird, because i get stressed very easily!!

But im hoping that tomorrow i will atleast be more productive than today!!

A few days ago i posted a picture of me in a pair of sports shorts which i found, and loved... and well after some thinking and debating i went in and bought them today!! My wallet is not happy XD There wont be so much shopping this summer, or doing so much as ive spent so much on my new (very much needed) shoes, (which should arrive soon!). But it was worth it!! hah, i can just wear these shorts non-stop!!! Maybe not to school, but i mean when i have my summer holidays anyway, ill just be wearing my sports clothes 24/7!

^^ Feels so weird posting these photos ;) Dont know why... i guess im just 'showing so much skin! ^_^

Today my apetite has been high all day!! I.e double portion of everything... a little pause to let the food digest and then im hungry again!
Sometimes i wonder what my body does with all the food i eat!!

This evening im planning on watching some series, taking my mind off of things and not feel like i have to do anything. 
At the moment i have all my documents open, maths pages and questions all around me, and im just staring at them.... trying to get myself to study and learn something, but i know that that wont happen.
 I need to learn to mentally relax, and know that i dont and cant be studying all the time (even though i have done about 2% studying today -_-)

I hope you've all had a good day!

1 comment:

  1. Super cool pictures! And I love those shorts :) Money well spent;)
    I have a weird feeling about my body too. A few days ago I really started to increase my carb intake and now it feels like my hunger pains are coming back and they are very demanding. And they come in weird times, like just after I´ve eaten a huge amount??? I´m kind of freaking out!
    Have a nice Sunday