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Friday, May 30, 2014

Questbar Review: Cookie dough

A few weeks ago i said i would do some questbar reviews... and here is my first one :)
   I am a self confessed Questbar addict!! hahah, once you start, its hard to stop. Though i feel that either you love them or you hate them (sort of) some people say that it has an aftertaste, or a bit of a synthetic taste... but i personally love them.
  I havent tried all of them, there is one or two which i havent tried... so i want to buy a mixed box to try them all.

I usually buy my questbars seperate in stores here in Sweden, its more expensive to buy them seperatly, but i find that when i buy them in boxes, or like i have before but 1-3 boxes at a time... i end up eating 1-3 questbars a day O_O And really, that isnt so good for my stomach... (theres alot of fiber in them ^_^ ) So i prefer to buy 1 or 2 when im craving them :)

Today i  ate a cookie dough questbar as part of my snack, and it is one of my favourites.... i cant quite decide if its my favourite or not? But the top 3 anyway!

Taste: It is soft, tastes exactly like cookie dough though less sweet. It has delicious chocolate chunks!! 5/5
Filling: I think questbars are one of the only bars that are actually filling... so many protein bars like swebars, nutrinick, atkinbars just leave me hungry.... infact atkinbars i find are too sweet, and can make me want to eat another... of course 50% of the time i want to eat another questbar, but thats just because its so delicious, but its one of the best bars to have with you when you need a filling, nutrious snack while on the go. Or perfect as a pre/post workout or a morning snack to have in school :)

I give this one 5/5 and would definitely reccommend it as the first flavour you try :)

^^And no i havent changed nailpolish in all 3 pictures :) They are taken at different times!!!


  1. Thankyou for the review izzy! I've got a box of cookie dough bars on there way right now :) I didn't even realise the nail varnish! Haha xx

    1. :) I hope you like them... if you dont, feel free to send the box to me :) hahah!!

  2. Yes thank you for the review! :) I just got a box of 12 samples, i was so happy when i picked them up :) I have tried cookie dough, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate peanutbutter, double chocolate chunk, cinnamon bun and cookies and cream, my favourites are cinnamon bun, ctrawberry cheesecake and cookies and cream. I am looking forward to trying the rest of them! If you have time i would appreciate reviews of more flavours ;) But only if you want to of course!

    1. Yeah im planning on writing reviews on all of the ones ive tested :)

  3. I was at the gym today with my cookie dough quest bar after training and I showed it to my personal trainer and said 'try some' AND HE TOOK LIKE HALF!!! and then said he didn't like it, I was like oh my god do you know how much I spend on these...spit it out and give it back!
    Sorry, I had to vent, he just made me so angry, but luckily I've still got the other half, (he owes me like £1 now haha)