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Sunday, May 18, 2014

People ask me if im crazy - But this is what i love

Yesterday evening i got so much inspiration and motivation to go out and run, yesterday in Gothenburg there was a half marathon and a few people i follow on IG had run the race. And all i wanted to do was go out and run 21km as well... Hahah, i havent run more than 7km the past months so i really dont think it would be a good idea, or i would be capable to run 21km... but that is going to be my new goal! I ran that far twice last year, so i know i can do it again. And now when its sunny and i have motivation and lust to run again, i am going to try to get out and run as often as i can!

This morning i started my day with a 10km run, my lungs didnt want to co operate today :/ so that meant i had to stop several times just to try to breathe. But that fact that i havent run this distance since last summer (i think?) i am happy with my time of 57 minutes. Of course, its not a race, im not competing against anyone. I just enjoy running, the feel of it! And especially running outside in the sun :) My first time wearing shorts outside all year!!!  ^_^
I could never run that distance inside on a treadmill, infact just running on a treadmill almost gives me anxiety, i did that for so long before and its just not something i enjoy. I do however love doing intervals on the treadmill, but running anymore than 1km i do it outside!!!! :) The way it should be, according to me :)

^^ My post run breakfast!

When i came home after my run i looked like a red sweaty tomatoe (hahaha XD). I got back at 10.20am, and my sister wasnt even up yet!! (My parents are away at the moment)  I always find it so crazy how people can sleep that long.. i mean today i actually had a sleep in - No alarm on. But i still woke at 8.15am.
And it felt great waking that 'late'. Thats actually one thing which i hate about sleep overs (well, thers many things i hate about sleep overs actually, and try to avoid them for all those reasons) but one is that, everyone always wakes up so late. I mean i can be up to 2 or 3am, but still wake up around 8/8.30am.... and i hate just lying in bed. When i wake up, i get up and get ready for the day!!
I am always most productive in the morning, get loads of things done!
Everyones different though
I mean people (my friends & family!!!) can at times think im crazy for waking up 'early' (though its not early for me!) and going running/or the gym! But this is what i love, its my lifestyle. It makes me happy and thats the most important thing!!!


  1. Sorry I am just interested i guess but what else don't you like about sleepovers? haha

  2. I like walking but I hate running :) Best of luck, I'm sure that you can run it ;)

  3. Hey you're definitely not crazy! I love being up early in the morning and being productive usually the morning is when I'm most awake and full of energy! I run too so I agree it's lovely running in the sun but you can't beat running on a cold winter morning it's so refreshing.

  4. I slept in today till almost 10.00! And I didn't even mean to--I fell asleep right away at 11 and honestly did not mean to sleep so long..first I felt guilty, but then I realized, I've been working, training and traveling a lot more than usual, and I've got allergies this type of year. So no guilt, only amazement that I actually slept in! First for me, definitely, because I looove early mornings.