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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about overeating and dealing 
with feeling stuffed to the point of wanting to purge? Overeating was so 
common for me during my recovery, feeling like I HAD to eat my daily 
caloric allowance, and then eating over that, and feeling so gross 
afterward that I purged everything.
Unfortunately, usually once every four months I do this still, although I 
usually don't purge, but the feeling is very uncomfortable, as I usually 
take in 3500 kcal when my daily allowance is between 2300 and 2550.

I am recovered from anorexia, and have been for four years. It's the 
binging that I need to recover from now, which has now started up recently, 
oddly enough. And I'm at a healthy weight right now, and I'm afraid I'll 
gain more weight thanks to the binging. :(((

From what you write, it seems that you dont 'binge' so often? Which is a good thing and i personally find it hard to classify it as a binge then. Especially as the reason why you eat that much on that day is very important. It could be that you are stressed, tired, bored, physiaclly or mentally tired or just really hungry. Because everyone has periods where they feel really hunry for different reasons.

Though eating so much that you feel like purging is not a good idea, because that is obviously a sign that you've eaten too much, your stomach doesnt like it.
   The important thing is to try to get control of these 'binges' when they do happen. Are there certain foods which trigger you, or you just want to eat? Because then it could be that you are lacking something, and all your body wants is that nutrient or macro.
   If you feel you are jjust sitting thinking about food, knowing that you are just going to eat and wont be able to stop. Then distract yourself... go for a walk, call a friend, take a shower or long bath, leave the house.... if you feel bored or just think about food, its likely that you will just go and eat or stand in the kitchen eating out of boxes and containers.

If the binges start getting more frequent, then you might want to ask for help, so that it doesnt become an even worse problem. But as it happen so infrequently, i think its more about finding out WHY you binge at those times, what triggers it. And then trying to stop it before it happens.
   And with the uncomfortable feeling afterwards, well thats just your stomach protesting. But it can help to lie down and have something warm on your stomach, relax. Dont go out running, because that wont help the problem. The uncomfortable feeling will pass!!!
  And it can help to drink some tea or water :) And remember, just because you binged one day, that doesnt mea you restrict the next day ;) You just eat like normal.
Your body can handle extra energy now and again :)

Hopefully this helps, but of course if anyone needs more advice just ask, and ill try my best to help!


  1. :( Unsuitable advice to prevent a binge: look at thinspo/fitspo. Not so usefull, rather harmful
    Be careful when you pin a picture

    1. I'm sorry :/ i didn’t even see that. I wrote this post quickly this morning. :(

  2. Please, let's write all your posts about your directly experience, not like a collage from some unknown/unreliable source

  3. You have to uinderstand that i have long days in school, i workout, i study and i also answer all emails and make time for friends and family. And 90% of my posts are written by ME. From MY experience... i might use some google photos now and again, but most photos are mine, and all words are mine. And if i use something which isnt mine, i.e text then i always write the source so people know thats its not mine.
    I try my best to keep my blog trigger free, however it wasnt my fault that it was one thing on a picture that was negative.

  4. Come on guys, Izzy does SUCH a good job of providing really helpful advice. I agree that "triggering" posts/images aren't useful, but the fact is that how you react to what is posted here is your choice. When it's clear that the whole post is positive and good advice, to focus on one tiny part and say that Izzy should have been more careful is rather unfair. This blog provides us all with a wealth of positive recovery inspiration for FREE. I don't think we can be too quick to criticise!

    1. Thank you. I do try to avoid triggering pictures and things, but of course people have different triggers... and also somethings i dont really think about, i dont think that numebrs or pictures are triggers, as they dont affect me. But i try to be conscious of that and keep things as positive as possible!

    2. Don't worry, Izzy, it's all fine! i agree with Lottie, you soooo much as it is and it's just rude to focus on one tiny insignificant thing and criticize you for that….Any anyway, most of the people (including me), who read this blog are very grateful for every single post you write))

  5. You did your best Izzy. Don't worry. I love you so much.

  6. I love these posts when it's like a nice sheet made by a professional. I can print it out, and it shows me how I should think!

    I think you have a great mix of posts, izzy. Maybe thats why u have so many readers.