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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nutri-Crunch bars Recension

So a few days ago i won an instagram competiation (First time ever!! One of the only times ive won a competition actually ;)) and i won 4 nutri-nick bars. Ive seen them in shops before but never bought one before, but ive always wanted to try. So was happy that i now got to try 4 for free!!!
   They arrived today, and of course i had to try one when i got it!

And the first one i tried was vanilla and chocolate, and it is sooo good!! Ive actually been craving Kit-kats, though they are widely found (or maybe they are, i just havent seen?) here in Sweden. And these were sort of like them, with the wafers!
   One thing though is that, well i could easily have eaten all 4 at once..... (haha, i managed to eat 2 of them!!) they arent so filling. Thats one thing which i like about Questbars or Atkinsbars, that you actually feel a little full after one. (even though they are so delicious, that i could eat 2 in a row!), but like if you are on the go, you eat one and you feel satisfied, but with one of these... well i would have to eat 2 (ui.e 4 wafers in total) to feel just a little satisfied!!
  But they are worth a try :)

Its always fun to win something, and free food is the best food ;)

** This post is NOT sponsored, this is my own recension!**


  1. Could you do a questbar review as well? I want to know which bar you think is the tastiest :)

    1. Yeah ill do this as soon as i can :) Its a good idea!

  2. Hey! I just wonderd which grade you are in or how many years you have left till you graduate? Hope its not a to personal question

    1. I have 1 more year in school :'( Missed 2 years of school while sick so had to repeat a year.

  3. They look good. But one thing I struggle with in recovery bogs are the photos taken which just happen to have captured someone's elusive thigh gap in the photo. Really is that by "accident"? It's not a criticism per se, more just something I struggle to see in an otherwise deeply inspiring blog as whilst far from my healthy weight, I still don't have the gap and it depresses me so much even though I know it's ridiculous. Which then I guess irks me when people who are healthy both have thin legs but also conveniently have them in shot.

    1. Hello, i am so sorry that you seem to have gotten triggered by that photo. I answered this question in a post. And i didnt even notice the so called 'gap', because i dotn actually have a thigh gap. It might look like i do in the picture, but i dont... And its not even something i think about.
      If you look back on other pictures, you'll see that i have loads of pictures like that like taking a picture of a bar..... and you see my legs? Strange, i have never thought about. But i guess ill think about it more..;)

  4. Those do look yummy!
    But I know what you mean with the satiety and bars stuff. If I eat a Clif bar, I feel full afterwards. But if I were to eat a Special K granola bar instead (with pretty much the same amount of protein), I would have to eat two to feel full. Sometimes those things happen because of the taste/texture differences, and it's not all based on the nutritional content. Sort of like how Dark chocolate is more satisfying than milk chocolate (but both have almost identical kcal nutrition info per gram plus or minus a few numbers).
    Anyways, I think I would rather eat a Questbar, but those bars do look good. :D

    1. I hate those small special K bars, because i seriously need to eat like 3 to feel a little full, but after a cliff bar i feel atleast satisfied!!! I think its about the ingredients as well, i mean simple carbs often make you more hungry, which is like milk chocolate compared to dark chocolate!

  5. I have 1 more year in school :'( Missed 2 years of school while sick so had to repeat a year.