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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

My day

Today has been a  reallly long day, though most days are like that!

This morning i started my day with a workout (after breakfast & getting ready!), and it went suuuppperrr well today! I had loads of energy and could increase all my weights,which is always super fun!

^^Arm progress ;)

And then i had to walk in the pouring rain to school... by the time i got to school it looked like i had just stepped out of the shower -_-' My hair was dripping with water, my jacket and bag drenched. Hahaha, and this morning i had straightened my hair and was wearing a dress to try to look good for school
I guess that wasnt supposed to happen today.

During my break i sat and studied maths and actually, i feel alot calmer now. I really cant study maths at home... im better at studying in school, infact its happened on numerous occaisions where i stay after school to continue doing my work and asssignments as i can focus better there. As soon as i come home, i just want to put on my comfy clothes, tune school out and relax. So then its better to stay in school an hour extra to get my work done!

After school it was still raining, and instead of standing in the pouring rain i went into the health store right by the bus station and bought myself a questbar (havent eaten one in several weeks now... Abstinens!! Yes!!! - But at the same time, i think its good to get a break as well. Not get too addicted XD)
^^I ghot asked to write reviews about questbars - do you want me to write a review of this flavour? :)

I also picked up my new running shoes XD 
I looovee them! Pictures are coming later, and when i test them (as soon as i can!) i guess ill write about whether they are good or not :)
But they sure are comfy and pretty anyway!


  1. Dear Izzy, i don`t understand why people in recovery from an ED often eat lots of the questbars. It seems to me to belong to that kind of "healthy eating" which is the result of an ED. It is one form of orthorexia, just to eat things that are suppposed to be overhealthy ike stevia, ricecrackers etc.
    Why do you eat them? If its just bc they are "so smetty" - a REAL chocolate bar would be a lot better than this gluten-sugarfree stuff. If you do it bc of the protein: normally you can fill your need of protein with food, even as a sportler.

  2. I eat questbars because they are delicious... i dont care about the carbs, protein, fat in them... I mean i eat chocoalte because its yummy, just like everything else i eat. I eat it because i like it, not because its 'healthy'. I mean spinach is one of the healthiest foods there are, but i hate it and wont eat it.
    I dont eat foods like sausages, not even quorn sausages because i dont like them. I dont count calories or macros, so i have no idea about how muich protein i eat, and i dont eat food thinking 'i need to eat lots of protein'. WHat i eat is because i like it.... and i often eat salted nuts, and salted ricecakes... are they considered healthy? Maybe not, but that doesnt really matter, because i like salted nuts and salted ricecakes!

  3. A questbar review would be nice :)