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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mothers day dinner

Today its mothersday in Sweden (as already mentioned) so my sister and I had decided to make dinner for my mum!
  Though it turned out to only be me cooking, but thats ok...I mean, then atleast i dont need to feel stressed at the fact that im not studying for my test tomorrow!! Im actually doing somethign productive!!

On the menu, i decided to make a coconutmilk fish soup & freshly baked bread & a little salad.
  And for dessert i made oatpancakes with lots of different toppings (chocolate mousse, whipped cream, fruit salad, PB, jam, sugar, lemon etc etc)

according to everyone, they all liked the food :) ^_^

After lots of food, its now time for some last bit of revision and prepare for tomorrow!


  1. Wauw Izzy, you've become great at making pancakes compared to some of the first pictures you posted of your pancakes about half a year ago, haha!
    Practice makes perfect, your food looks delicious and so do you. ;-)

    1. hahah, thank you!! Yeah i have. And the strange thing is, i dont even use recipes anymore... i just throw ingredients into a bowl and hope for the best! And it seems to work well. Before when i followed recipes, my pancakes just turned into scramble!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to your mom! -- She's so lucky to have you in her life!! :)

  3. no bread to the soup and Quark instead of cream etc, do you ever eat whats served..

    1. She only posted a few photos so there's no reason for the accusation! Plus I think there was cream used. Anyway, the point is that there's nothing wrong with what she does of does not eat. She's just having a nice Mother's Day dinner which I think is very thoughtful of her to prepare all by herself.

    2. To the first anon: You really have no idea how much or what I ate. That i had about 3 servings of the pancakes and had cream on one of them and I had quark on one of the others. How do you know whether I ate bread or not? You can just prejudge by 1 or 2 pictures? I don't document everything for this very reason that I get accused of eating or not eating something? Remember that i have the freedom and choice of what I want to eat. I choose whether i want to eat something..... Just because someone doesn't eat something once, that doesn't automatically make them sick.
      And your question with, whether I ever eat what's served? The fact that I rarely post food pictures or dinner/lunch pictures means that you really have no idea what or how I eat.

    3. And to SomethingSu, thank you! I really dont think there was any need for the accusiations from the person i only posted a few photos - before anything was even eaten.