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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Middle of the week madness!

Its only 7am, but my day has already been a disaster - or it feels like it anyway!
   First off, could find absaloutly nothing to wear...I dont often have these types of outbursts as i generally just wear 'whatever' or plan what im going to wear the night before... but today, i couldnt find anything!! (Hahaha, such problems!)
Making breakfast was just a disaster, oatmeal, water, egg, blueberries everywhere. A coffee machine that wouldnt work.

Feeling tired and just sort of wandering back and forth not knowing what i was doing or going to do!
I finally managed to make breakfast, taking 3 times longer than usual. But was stilll hungry so now im eating cold fish burgers as well? Thats normal?!

Hoping today will be a good day, and i have planned several hours of study, hopefully a break somewhere to get a workout in... depends on my time and energy levels.
  And finalyl tomorrow, no matter how nervous and unwilling to do it, i'll have my (5 hour total, i think?) maths test. And just get it over with!!!! And then its just to study for my next test the following Monday morning ;)
  Being a teenager in school is fun at times -_-' But i am going to stop the complaining, because well.... Negative thoughts = negative things happeneing.
  So instead, here are some cute/funny pcitures to try to make this awful morning a little better :)

^^I sent this to my mum the last day ;)

^^How adorable!!! ???


  1. Hi dear - take a DEAP breath and stay calm! Days like this are pretty shit but it does not mean that the whole day will be like this, honey! Give your dog a big kiss, make your hair pretty and get startet for all the challenges! Sun is there and so is spring. Have a good day!

  2. Hey! The above comment is so right! I'm sure you will be fine and the day is what you make of it :) good luck with all the revision and try not to get too stressed out because at the end of the day you can only do your best and know that is good enough! Sounds like you will be needing some serious distressing after these exams :)