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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life is not a numbers game

In life, there seems to be this constant number comparing game. First off, people are judged and graded on numbers. Their height, their weight, the grades, the FB friends, their instagram followers..... And then we compare ourselves with others. We put our worth in  all these numbers, these - if im honest - pathetic and meaningless numbers.

Why do we compare our weight to others ? Why do we always want to have the lowest weight. For example before when i was starting to develop my ED, one of my friends who is alot shorter than me said she weighed 44kg or something, and suddenly i started to panic i weighed soemthing like 52kg, but i was like 7-10cm taller than her, but that didnt matter because i weighed more than her....
  Your weight is just your body mass, what your muscles, organs, bones, fat, hair etc weigh. Nothing more, and it should NOT be  a comparing game to others. Because everyone has a different weight. You could have the exact same weight as someone but look completely different. And there shouldnt be a fight to have the lowest number.

And then there is the comparing of social media followers, and i am one of those who compares themselves with others. I dont compare myself with others physically, or the way we look... but sometimes i guess i put my worth in social media, which is a bad thing.
   Its easy to look at someone who has 1000 facebook friends and 100 thousand instagram followers and start thinking, that person is better than me. More worthy than me.
  Its stupid, but just like with comparing your body to others, its hard to stop.

But what I, and others need to realise is that they are just meaningless numbers.Just because a person has 100 thousand followers and you only have 1000, that doesnt make the other person better than you. It just means that others have found that persons site/page/account.

Sometimes i can get caught up with my blog and other bigger blogs. I do have thousands of readers everyday and lots of followers, but still i can look at other bigger blogs and think, i want that.
  But at the same time i think, do ireally want that? It would actually scare me if i had a really big blog with thousands of followers and thousands more readers. I mean ive already had my pictures stolen for different sites, ive had my pictures stolen and used on facebook profiles, ive had my story stolen as well.... so its not all fun & games on the internet and blogging. And i guess the mean comments which i dont get so often, but have gotten. Those would most probably increase.
    Im sure if i wanted a bigger blog, it would happen i would just have to do better advertising. But still there are pros and cons to everything!

But back to the topic. We need to stop putting our worth in numbers.... in our weight, school grades, followers etc Its not those things that make you happy, or give you worth. I mean just because someone has thousands of followers on IG, that doesnt necessarily make them happy, or give them a better life than you. And that person who has hundreds of friends on FB, How many friends do they actually in real life?

And on a side note, also its easy to compare yourself in the physical sense of, how long/far/fast you can run or how heavy you can lift, compared to others. But this is NOT good either. Just because someone can run 10km in 40 minutes and you run it in 55 minutes, that doesnt make you any less than them. It just means their faster, you are doing YOUR best. And you dont need to compete with anyone else (unless you're in a race or competition :)). Just do YOUR best, and dont worry about what otehrs are or can do!!!


  1. You are so great! Do you have a tumblr blog or know helpful links?

  2. Thank you :) It depends what type of lilnks you want? I have my 'recovery resources' page up at the top which might help?