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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Food Diary

Ok, so ive gotten lots of requests to begin with food diaries again... and ill try my best, however i dont know how often i will be writing them. Mainly because i usually dont remember what i eat - whether thats a good thing or not, i dont know! But also what i eat varies so much, sometimes i eat every hour (or it feels like) other days it can go 5-6 hours between my meals. Somedays i eat loads, somedays i eat less. 
  And i really dont want people to critisize or write (mean) comments about what i eat, because in the end, i know whats best for me. I eat when im hungry, stop when im full. And the choices i make is for what im craving!!

But when i remember and have time i'll try write food diaries, if that is what people want? :)

So here is what i ate today:

Breakfast: Egg white oatmeal topped with quark, strawberry jam, salted peanuts, sunflower seeds & almond milk & coffee.

Lunch: Falafels, salad, cottage cheese & salsa (sauce).

Snack: c.a 200g chocolate covered nuts/Trail mix
Snack 2: 1 crisp bread with caviar & 1 whole egg & egg whites.

Dinner: Made my homemade fishcakes (loive them!!!) with brocolli, quinoa and beetroots.
  Dessert: The last of the trail mix - i.e a few chocolate covered paranuts & yoghurt covered cashews!! (c.a 350g in total ;) )


  1. oh my goodness izzy, i've never tried a quest bar and i just went a bit mad and ordered 24!!! what have i done! i ordered a variety pack of 12 (with a free cookies and cream one!) and 12 cinnamon roll ones - do you like those ones? im scared i'm not going to like them and i would have wasted all that money :S hahaha i blame this on you and all of your chunk porn!!! ;) just kidding!

    1. Hahah, if you dont like the quest bars feel free to send them my way ;) ;)
      About the variety pack, i havent tried all of the quest bar flavours but there are some which arent as nice as the others. Some people say that they think questbars have a weird taste or after taste, but i dont think so! :)
      The cinnamon roll one is really yummy. Remeber that you can always try baking them for a few minutes in the oven/or a few seconds in the microwave. Or making them into small balls and then baking them so they turn crunchy, or you can even make these small cinnamon buns out of the questbar ;)
      If you google you will find lots of recipes to use questbars if you dont like them just the wya they are (O_O) or want to try something new :)
      I efel ive gotten quite a few addicted to questbars afetr all my talking about them!hahah XD

    2. awesome! cinnamon buns sound absolutely amazing - i looooove cinnamon so i'll try that! thanks for the advice, now i just have to wait for them to arrive :(

  2. Hey Izzy - I've just found a web-site which sells things from 'Svenskt Kosttillskott'. I live in Denmark and in our country they don't sell the products I want (questbars ^^ etc.) so I considered ordering from the web-site but wanted to ask you whether you know this Swedish firm before I order? :)

    1. I know the site, but i have never ordered from it. Have you tried Iherb (if it ships to denmark?) or other sites like MMsports or gymgrossisten? They sell them, not sure if they ship to denmark though?

  3. Hey! You've definitely got me into quest bars they are gorgeous! But it's so nice to try new foods and enjoy them so keep promoting those quest bars and keep blogging because addiction to quest bars is so much better than anorexia! Lol :) xxxx

  4. I'm going to be the odd one out and say that I don't enjoy the food diaries as much as your other posts. I find them a little dull and worry that they promote comparing, which seems like an unhealthy behaviour.

    1. i know what you mean. Though i wont be posting food diaries so often as they arent my favourite either, because of the comparision which people do.

  5. Hahah, you are right! An addiction to questbars is alot better than an addiction to starving yourself ;)