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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Comparison is not going to make you happier

Yesterday evening before i went to bed i found myself starting to compare myself with others... of pictures of other girls i saw online. Thinking how good they look, while me.... So much wrong, and flaws with me....

But i stopped my trail of thoughts there and reminded myself that the pictures i see online, they are just pictures. Everybody is different, but also the pictures can have been photoshopped, the people flexing, stnading in a certain position, lighting etc etc
 I cant compare myself to just one picture? 80% of the time (or more!!) i dont compare myself with others, i can look at pictures of others and just see it as a picture... see the person as a person. Not sit and wish i had a thigh gap, or my stomach looked that way etc etc This is because i am happy in my body... i like the way i look and i dont feel the need to look another way, or change my body. And i think that is the key to happiness, to feel happy in your own body (and even your life!!)

Its those that are insecure about their bodies and have low self esteem that compare themselves to others, making their self esteem and body hate even lower. But its also those that dont like themselves or their bodies that hate on others!! Because for the most part, people who are happy in their bodies dont feel the need to bring others down or critisize people.
  Infact when i do get critic here on my blog, i dont take it personally because i know that the person who commented obviously doesnt feel so good about themselves, so feels the need to try to bring me down or put their anger or hate on someone else.

Comparison steals peoples joy... they get so caught up in wishing they looked like someone else and hating themselves that they cant feel happy. Because they think they have to look a certain way to be happy. But thats not true. Your happiness shouldnt be dependant on how your stomach looks, or what your weight is... those things dont really matter so much. There is more to life than whether you have a flat stomach, six pack abs or a thigh gap. And its important to remember this.

Start to love yourself, instead of wishing to look/be someone else.

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  1. That's so true! Love your shorts BTW :)