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Thursday, May 15, 2014

After school snack!

Today is my longest day in school and i had not planned well for the day :/ I was stressed this morning and feeling tired so i had forgotten about my long day as i had other things on my mind. And i had forgotten to pack snacks with me :( And i didnt have any time to go to the shop, instead i had to drink an energy drink which i had with me. But on an almost empty stomach it made me starrt shaking. So while we were doing yoga in P.E today i was shaking like a leaf, which never happens. But note to everyone, dont drink an energy drink when your stomach is empty!!! Not good at all.
  By the time i came home, it had been 5 and a half hours since i last ate :( It had gone from hunger to nothing.... Not good at all. I always pack with me snacks - bars/fruit/nuts to school as i know i need the energy. But today was just one of those days where i had forgotten to plan.

So when i came home i maade myself a BIG snack!!! Quark mixed with cottage cheese & funlight. Nuts, seeds and raspberries. 2 crisp bread with egg & carrots!!
   And yes i ate it all ;) My stomach is very big!!! haha XD

And then i might as well post my breakfast from this morning ;) ;)
(Yes, ive eaten 4 eggs in one day!!! ;))


  1. How big r the bowls?
    I LOVE EGGS!!! I eat 5 a day everyday:-)

    1. I have no idea really. They're not huge but not tiny either? I love eggs as well (as you can see :))

  2. Replies
    1. Its a sugar free juice which i mix with quark as it gives it another flavour and makes it more creamy :) Sounds strange, but its really good!