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Monday, May 19, 2014

Adidas Response Cushion 22

I ordered my shoes Friday afternoon (or like 1pm ^_^) and they were shipped the same day, and they arrived today - Monday!! Super speedy delivery or what? And i also got the shoes for a really good price...
   Originally they costed around 110 euro, but i bought them for 70 euro!! :)

I havent tried running in them yet :( Though maybe tomorrow, or ill have to wait until the weekend. But i have tried them on and walked in them and they are super comfortable!
  They are good for running if you run on concrete or gravel, which is usually 50% of what i run on, so this will give me the right support for my ankles, knees and even hips when i run.
  But also, i have very arched feet and need an insole, but these shoes are good for those who have arched feet ;)
  Hopefully they will be good when i run!!! :)

^^ My first time having pink shoes ;)

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